Dukkhito (2024) Trailer: Kajal Arefin Ome directorial upcoming romantic drama

Dukkhito (2024) Cast:

Ziaul Hoque Polash, Parsa Evana, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Shampa Reza, Rosey Siddique, Saia Tanjin

Director: Kajal Arefin Ome

Release Date:

The romantic drama will be released on Bongo on 14th February 2024

Dukkhito (2024) Trailer Review:

On February 12, 2024, Bongo unveiled the trailer for their upcoming romantic drama, Dukkhito. Directed by Kajal Arefin Ome, the film stars Ziaul Hoque Polash and Parsa Evana as the male and female leads, respectively.

The 1-minute, 25-second trailer opens with a scene at a train station, where a girl in a bridal dress is seen running on the platform while someone calls her Noori from behind. The trailer provides a glimpse into the drama, which centers around the love story between a young teacher and his student. It promises to reveal how they fall in love and what unfolds in the end.

Director Kajal Arefin Ome, known for delivering engaging thrillers like Osomoy last month on Bongo, is now set to captivate audiences with a romantic drama.

Dukkhito has been produced by Mushfiqur Rahman Manzu, with Jahid Nirob composing the music and Jobayar Abir Peal editing the film. Bishwajit Chowdhury has penned the story, while Kajal Arefin Ome has written the screenplay, and Khair Khandakar has handled the cinematography.


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