Chemistry Mashi (2024) Web Series Review: Sourav Chakraborty's Top-Notch Storytelling

Hoichoi's Chemistry Mashi (2024) Bengali Web Series Review: Debashree Roy delivers an outstanding performance

Sourav Chakraborty directed the six-episode web series Chemistry Mashi, starring Debasree Roy, Shankar Chakraborty, Ritwika Pal, Saptarshi Moulik, Shreya Bhattacharya, Vinay Sharma, & Soumya Mukherjee. It premiered on Hoichoi on February 14, 2024.

The plot revolves around Suchorita Lahiri (Debashree Roy), who lives with her family, including husband Sushovan (Shankar Chakraborty), son Ribhu (Saptarshi Moulik), daughter Pulu (Ritwika Pal), & daughter-in-law Mou (Shreya Bhattacharya).

Suchorita, after 35 years of married life, decides to pursue her passion for teaching and starts an iTube channel named Chemistry Mashi, where she teaches Chemistry to deprived students online. Her unique teaching style and ability to simplify complex topics quickly garner a substantial number of subscribers in a short period.

The Success Academy, led by Mohit Agarwal (Vinay Sharma), faces tough competition and a decline in subscribers due to Chemistry Mashi's channel. To salvage his institute, Mohit Agarwal frames Suchorita Lahiri, accusing her of leaking entrance exam papers. The series unfolds as Suchorita Lahiri strives to prove her innocence.

Chemistry Mashi is a well-crafted and brilliantly executed web series by Sourav Chakraborty. The engaging story and screenplay, penned by Ishita Sarkar, Sourav Chakraborty, & Abhra Chakraborty, capture the audience's attention. Sourav Chakraborty establishes himself as one of the most talented and captivating storytellers of this generation.

The series addresses various issues, including problems within the education system, parental expectations from their children, and relationship challenges. Emotional scenes are well-executed, with Debashree Roy making an impressive OTT debut, showcasing excellent dialogue delivery and adept handling of emotional moments.

Shankar Chakraborty, portraying Suchorita's husband Sushovan, also delivers a commendable performance, especially in emotional scenes. Soumya Mukherjee, known for his outstanding performance in Pariah, convincingly portrays Arghya.

Ritwika Pal, renowned for her performance in Lokkhi Chele, adds enjoyment to the series as Pulu. Sreya Bhattacharya as Mou, Saptarshi Moulik as Ribhu, and Vinay Sharma as Mohit Agarwal make valuable contributions to the overall performance.

The music and background score by Amit Bose & Yash Gupta leave a lasting impression, while Subhodeep Dey as the cinematographer, and Amitava Dasgupta as the editor make decent contributions.

The narrative's pace slows down in the second and third episodes, and exploring the backstory behind the reasons for Suchorita Lahiri's strong interest in starting her channel could have added more conviction to the plot.


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