Kagojer Bou (2024) Trailer: Pori Moni & DA Tayeb’s 2nd Collaboration

Kagojer Bou (2024) Movie Cast:

DA Tayeb, Pori Moni, Emon, Tamanna, Dilara Zaman, Abul Hayat, Sumon Mahmud

Director: Choyonika Chowdhury

Release Date:

The film will be released in theatres on 19th January 2024

Kagojer Bou (2024) Trailer Review: Pori Moni & Choyonika Chowdhury's 2nd Collaboration

On January 18, 2024, Tiger Media unveiled the trailer for the upcoming family drama Kagojer Bou. Directed by Choyonika Chowdhury, the film stars DA Tayeb, Emon, and Pori Moni in the lead roles, with Tamanna, Dilara Zaman, Abul Hayat, and Sumon Mahmud in supporting roles.

The 1-minute and 40-second trailer provides a brief overview of the plot, which revolves around a love triangle. Pori Moni's character, a wealthy individual, is the daughter of a smuggler. Although she appears to be in love with Mamnun Hasan Emon's character, she ends up marrying DA Tayeb's character. The question arises: will she develop a genuine love for her husband?

The trailer editing is well-executed, and the song "Tumi o eka, ami o eka" complements the visuals perfectly. Produced by SG Production, the film falls within the family drama genre with a touch of romance.

This marks Choyonika Chowdhury's third directorial venture after Prohelika and "Bishwoshundori" and her second collaboration with actress Pori Moni since "Bishwoshundori." Her upcoming directorial venture is titled "Antorale." Additionally, this film represents the second collaboration between DA Tayeb and Pori Moni after Shona Bondhu.

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