Sinpaat (2024) Web Series Trailer: Mohammad Touqir Islam’s 2nd Directorial Venture

Release Date:

The series premieres on Chorki on 11th January 2024

Director: Mohammad Touqir Islam

Sinpaat (2024) Web Series Trailer Review:

On January 4, 2024, Chorki, the OTT platform, unveiled the trailer for their upcoming crime thriller series, Sinpaat, directed by Mohammad Touqir Islam.

The 1-minute and 18-second trailer deliberately keeps the plot concealed. It follows a member of a gang who, upon realizing the life-threatening risks associated with a criminal lifestyle, decides to quit. However, the team recognizes the potential dangers that could arise if he leaves, prompting them to pursue him.

Simultaneously, another individual faces allegations in a murder case. The narrative takes an intriguing turn when these two characters cross paths. The series unfolds as they grapple with impending danger, revealing how they strategize to protect themselves.

The dialogues in Sinpaat appear to be predominantly written in the dialect spoken by the people of Rajshahi. The editing of the trailer is commendable, maintaining a seamless flow, and the background score adds an impressive layer to the overall atmosphere. Mohammad Touqir Islam, who made his directorial debut with Shaaticup in 2022, is back with Sinpaat as his second directorial venture.


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