Sinpaat (2024) Web Series Review: Sohel Sheikh & Mohammad Rifat Bin Manik Delivered Convincing Performances

Sinpaat (2024) Web Series Cast:

Sohel Sheikh, Mohammad Rifat Bin Manik, Zinnat Ara, Shiblee Noman, Pranob Ghosh

Sinpaat (2024) Web Series Review: Mohammad Touqir Islam failed to leave a lasting impact

Director Mohammad Touqir Islam's web series Sinpaat, starring Sohel Sheikh, Mohammad Rifat Bin Manik, and Zinnat Ara in the lead roles, premiered on Chorki on January 11, 2024. The series follows the story of Faju (Mohammad Rifat Bin Manik) and Sohel (Sohel Sheikh), who are engaged in various criminal activities and are pursued by both the police and crime reporter Habibul Bashar (Shiblee Noman).

Duru (Zinnat Ara) frequently supplies marijuana to Faju and Sohel. They enter into a deal where Duru is tasked with finding a high-profile client with substantial funds, and Faju and Sohel will then rob that person, sharing the proceeds among themselves. The central question remains: will they succeed in executing their plan?

Despite the success of Shaaticup, there were high expectations for Mohammad Touqir Islam, but he failed to leave a lasting impact this time. The narrative's pace is notably slow in most episodes. However, the engaging climax and the well-developed bond between Faju and Sohel stand out as highlights in the series.

Sohel Sheikh and Mohammad Rifat Bin Manik both deliver convincing performances, with their on-screen chemistry being a notable strength. Despite limited screen time, Zinnat Ara also delivers a commendable performance. Shiblee Noman had nothing much to do in the script.

The song "Mombati," composed by Nabarun Bose, is well done, and the background score adds to the overall experience. Mohammad Touqir Islam's cinematography is satisfactory, while Sanglap Bhowmik's editing could have been improved, potentially reducing the series length by one episode. The web series Sinpaat produced by Redoan Rony, is good for a one-time watch.


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