Premer Kahini (2008) Movie Review: Dev & Koel Mallick’s impressive on-screen chemistry

Premer Kahini (2008) Movie Cast:

Dev, Koel Mallick, Ranjit Mallick, Moushumi Saha, Shyamal Dutta, Jisshu Sengupta, Rajanya Mitya, Kalyani Mandal

Director: Ravi Kinagi

Release Date:

The romantic comedy film produced and distributed by Shree Venkatesh Film (SVF Entertainment now) was released in theatres on 11th April 2008.

Premer Kahini (2008) Bengali Movie Review: Dev & Koel Mallick's Maiden Collaboration

The story begins with Akash (Dev), who saw Barsha (Koel Mallick) at Highland Park and fell for her at first sight. While watching her, he accidentally fell into a manhole, and Barsha came to his rescue. During the rescue, their watches were accidentally exchanged.

In their next accidental encounter, Akash received a handkerchief from Barsha with her name written on it. They continued to meet by chance several times. Akash, accompanied by his mother Sunanda Roy (Moushumi Saha), attended the wedding of his mother's friend's daughter. Coincidentally, Barsha turned out to be the daughter of his mother's friend. The story unfolds as Akash and Barsha navigate their accidental encounters and eventually tie the knot in this romantic comedy.

Premer Kahini is the official remake of the Kannada film "Mungaru Male," which starred Ganesh and Pooja Gandhi and was written and directed by Yograj Bhat. The film's major highlights include the outstanding performances of Dev and Koel Mallick and their on-screen chemistry.

The comedy scenes featuring Ranjit Mallick, who portrayed Barsha's father in the film, were well-received. Decent performances were also delivered by Moushumi Saha, Shyamal Dutta, Rajanya Mitya, and Kalyani Mandal. Jisshu Sengupta made a cameo appearance.

Jeet Gannguli was impressive with the music composition, especially the songs "Rimjhim E Dharate" and "Aaj Swapno Sukher." The editing by director Ravi Kinagi and cinematography by Chota K. Naidu were both commendable.

Premer Kahini marked Dev's first success at the box office after "I Love You," which was his initial collaboration with director Ravi Kinagi. This film represented their second collaboration. It also marked the first collaboration between Dev and Koel Mallick and was Ravi Kinagi's 12th directorial venture. Premer Kahini was Dev's third film and the 19th in Koel Mallick's career.

Scene from the Film:

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