Vadhuvu (2023) Review: Avika Gor & Ali Reza delivered decent performances

Cast of Vadhuvu (2023) Telugu Web Series:

Avika Gor, Ali Reza, Nandu, V.S. Roopa Laxmi, Mounika, Madhavi Prasad, Sridhar Reddy

Release Date:

The 7-episode series premiered on Disney Plus Hotstar on 8th December 2023.

Director: Poluru Krishna

Vadhuvu (2023) Season 1 Review: 

The story revolves around Indu (Avika Gor), who is preparing for her marriage with Sanjay. However, at the last moment, her sister Bhanu elopes with Sanjay, leading to the cancellation of the marriage.

Indu's family quickly arranges her marriage with Anand (Nandu), who is also dealing with marriage cancellation issues, causing him considerable stress. Anand’s brother Arya (Ali Reza) takes on the responsibility of ensuring his brother's marriage at any cost.

From day 1, Indu suspects a conspiracy to cancel this marriage. Even after arriving at her in-laws' house, she encounters mysterious people and events. Will Indu successfully unravel the mysteries surrounding the family?

The mystery thriller Vadhuvu is a decent one-time-watch web series with commendable performances from Avika Gor and Ali Reza. Director Poluru Krishna falls short of leaving a lasting impression due to several areas needing improvement.

The background score is the weakest aspect of the series. Poor writing and weak dialogue play a significant role in a boring second half. Characters are not adequately developed, leaving many questions unanswered and paving the way for a potential season 2.

Sriram Maddury's music composition, Ram K Mahesh's cinematography, and Anil Kumar's editing in Vadhuvu are not up to par. The web series, produced by Shrikanth Mohta and Mahendra Soni under SVF Entertainment, falls short of the standards set by its predecessor.

Vadhuvu marks Poluri Krishna's third directorial venture after Recce in 2022 and Bucchi Naidu Kandriga in 2020. This is Ali Reza's second web series after Expiry Date on ZEE5 in 2020 and Nandu's web series after Hey Krishna in 2018.

In 2023, Avika Gor was featured in Popcorn and 1920: Horrors of the Heart. She also appeared in Naga Chaitanya's Thank You the previous year.

Comparison between Indu and Vadhuvu:

Vadhuvu falls far short of the Indu web series in various aspects, including the story, performances, technical aspects, and execution. In Indu, Sayantan Ghosal executed the mystery drama masterfully, presenting Ishaa Saha in the titular role with a strong impact. The bond between Ishaa Saha and her brother-in-law, portrayed by Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, was well-received. Indu's dialogues and background score left a positive impact, unlike Vadhuvu.

In Vadhuvu, Avika Gor fails to meet expectations, delivering an average performance. The dialogue lacks impact, and the mystery angle fails to generate excitement. The bonding between Avika Gor and her brother-in-law portrayed by Ali Reza is notably absent.


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