Procholito Season 1 Review: Abid Mallick’s engaging horror thriller

Procholito Season 1 Cast:

Abdullah Al Sentu, Mostafa Monwar, Ashok Bepari, Sadia Ayman, Baizid Haque Joarder, Rafiul Quader Rubel, Mahmud Alam, Tanay Biswas, Yash Rohan, Rafayatullah Sohan

Release Date:

The series comprising 5 episodes premiered on Chorki on 19th October 2023.

Director: MD Abid Mallick

Procholito Season 1 (2023) Web Series Review: Khayam Sanu Sandhi’s impressive background score

Writer-director MD Abid Mallick’s horror thriller comprises 5 episodes, each featuring a distinct story. Below is a summary of each episode in the series.

Ringtone: Mostafa Monwar & Ashok Bepari star in this episode, portraying a thief who steals an old man’s gift—a mobile intended for his daughter. The story unfolds as the ringtone of this new mobile wreaks havoc in the thief’s life.

Bewarish: A rickshaw driver, accompanied by a friend, transports a dead body through the jungle to the morgue. During their journey, they encounter an unknown person, adding intrigue to the narrative.

Calling Bell: A couple, newly moved into a flat, experiences the sound of a calling bell without anyone at the door. The mystery revolves around identifying the source of the ringing.

Bilai: Amidst a lockdown, a young man struggling to secure daily meals ensures to share some with a cat at his home. When he unexpectedly finds food at his doorstep, the challenge is to uncover the identity of the person behind this gesture.

Haatbodol: A passionate photographer, grieving the loss of his dog in an accident, encounters a stranger on the road with a dog. Recognizing the photographer’s affection for dogs, the unknown person asks him to care for the dog as he prepares to leave the country.

Procholito Season 1 stands out as a captivating web series with commendable performances from the cast. MD Abid Mallick exhibits superb direction and screenplay skills. The cinematography by Raju Raj is satisfactory, with Khayam Sanu Sandhi's outstanding background score serving as a major technical highlight. Editor Shobuj Sheikh contributes decently to this web series produced by Redoan Rony.


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