Mobaroknama (2023) Trailer: Mosharraf Karim starring upcoming web series looks promising

Mobaroknama (2023) Cast:

Mosharraf Karim, Shahnaz Sumi, Samia Othoi, Sayed Zaman Shawon, Sabnam Faria, Angel Noor, Sheikh Uzzal Hossen

Director: Golam Sohrab Dodul

Release Date:

The series premieres on Hoichoi on 21st December 2023.

Mobaroknama (2023) Bangladeshi Web Series Trailer Review:

Hoichoi Bangladesh unveiled the trailer of Mobaroknama on December 11, 2023. The 2-minute and 20-second trailer provides a brief overview of the story, revolving around the character of a failed lawyer, Mobarok (Mosharraf Karim).

He seizes the opportunity to take on a case where the victim, Suraiya (Shahnaz Sumi), has been raped by her sister's husband. Despite her family's reluctance to expose the dark truth for the sake of their reputation, Suraiya decides to seek justice & arrives at Mobarok's house. Will Mobarok be able to secure justice for Suraiya?

While the storyline may not seem entirely unique, the presentation is compelling. In addition to Mosharraf Karim's impactful dialogues, the background score stands out. Samia Othoi, Sayed Zaman Shawon, Sabnam Faria, Angel Noor, and Sheikh Uzzal Hossen play significant roles in the film.

It will be intriguing to witness how director Golam Sohrab Dodul showcases the acting prowess of Mosharraf Karim. Dodul is renowned for directing projects such as "Dark Room," "Shapludu," "Neel Dorja," and "Sisimpur." Mosharraf Karim has previously delivered outstanding performances in "Mohanagar" and "Mohanagar 2." Shahnaz Sumi, known for her roles in "Paap Punyo" and "Buker Modhye Agun," adds to the ensemble cast.


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