Archie’r Gallery Movie Review: Rajatabha Dutta shines in this romantic drama

Archie’r Gallery Cast:

Rajatabha Dutta, Bonny Sengupta, Ayoshi Talukdar, Pamela Kanjilal, Shreya Bhattacharya

Release Date:

The film was released in theatres on 10th March 2023 and streaming on ZEE5 from 7th July 2023.

Director: Promita Bhattacharya

Archie’r Gallery (2023) Review: Story & Performances

The plot of 'Archie's Gallery' revolves around Archit, also known as Archie (played by Bonny Sengupta), a young and responsible individual who lives with his father, Amulya Mitra (played by Rajatabha Dutta), in their house called "Yaadon Ki Baaraat." Archie lost his mother, Smriti (played by Shreya Bhattacharya), at a young age, and his aunt Pritha (played by Pamela Kanjilal) occasionally visits to help with household chores. During his childhood, Archie's father used to share various love stories from films with him.

Archie's life takes a turn when he joins a new office and encounters a girl who captivates him at first sight. He soon discovers that she is their HR, Niharika (played by Ayoshi Talukdar). As they spend more time together, Archie develops feelings for Niharika and contemplates proposing to her. The question remains: will Niharika accept Archie's proposal?

Rajatabha Dutta's outstanding portrayal of Archie's father is a compelling reason to watch 'Archie's Gallery' on ZEE5. He impeccably embodies the role of a responsible and supportive father figure who acts as a friend to his son. His extensive experience and ability to effortlessly portray even complex characters make him one of the finest actors in the Bengali film industry.

However, the main issue with 'Archie's Gallery' lies in its poor writing. The script by Arnab Bhaumik and the storytelling by Promita Bhattacharya fail to make a lasting impact on the narrative. There is a lack of focus on developing the chemistry between Archie and Niharika as well as Archie & his father resulting in a lackluster romantic connection that fails to generate excitement.

Both Bonny Sengupta and Ayoshi Talukdar's characters required strong conviction to impress audiences in this romantic drama, but unfortunately, it was lacking in their performances. Pamela Kanjilal and Shreya Bhattacharya had limited roles with little significance in the script. Furthermore, despite having collaborated in previous films such as 'Hirokgorer Hire' and 'Amrapali', none of their three collaborations including 'Archie's Gallery' leave a positive impact. The music composition by Aneek Dhar and Amit Chatterjee also appears ordinary in this film.

Final Words:

'Archie's Gallery' is a poorly written and executed romantic drama, with Rajatabha Dutta's performance being the only redeeming aspect of the film.


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