Breakup Story Webseries Review

Breakup Story Webseries Review

Webseries Name: Breakup Story
Writer & Director: Mainak Bhaumik
Music: Amit-Ishan
Producer: Vinod Bhalla
Cast: Sohini Sarkar, Ranojay, Saurav Das, Anindita Bose, Chandreyee Ghosh, Aryann Bhowmik, Alivia Sarkar, Tuhina Das, Sauraseni Maitra

Breakup Story Webseries Review: 

Hoichoi has come up with Mainak Bhaumik's first webseries Breakup Story, a romantic drama that has released on 24th July 2020. In this aerticle we will discuss about the Breakup Story Webseries Review. 

First 5 episodes consist of 5 different stories. Every couple’s journey of ups and downs till breakups was the main plot of this webseries. Mainak has shown the emotional and romantic scenes quite brilliantly. The storytelling of Mainak has always been awesome and he has repeated that here also.

Mainak is well known for his brilliant works in Bengali movies. His first Bengali movie was Aamra in 2006. Thereafter, he has delivered some amazing movies like Aamra (2006), Bedroom (2012), Maach Mishti & More (2013), Ami Aar Amar Girlfriends (2013), Kolkata Calling (2014), Family Album (2015), Bibaho Diaries (2017), Ghare & Baire (2018), Genaration Aami (2018), Bornoporichoy (2019), Goyenda Junior (2019), etc. and few more.

The characters of this webseries were very well chosen. The first couple was Sanjay played by Sourav Das and Priyanka played by Anindita Bose. Both of them played their part so well, giving us a sweet on screen chemistry consisting of their romantic moments their fights. 

Anindita Bose might be enjoying her success after two hit webseries like “Patal Lok” and “Mafia”. She is giving her best to make those characters look more real. We are hoping for her continued success in coming days also.

The next couple was Roshni played by Tuhina Das & Shreya played by Sauraseni Maitra. Tuhina Das was quite impressive here playing the character of a talkative, caring girl and roommate of Shreya. 

Sauraseni Maitra who has already acted in some hit movies like: “Machher Jhol”, “Generation Ami”, “Byomkesh Gotro” an few more, played her part with utmost brilliance.

Next couple was Sohom played by Aryann Bhowmik, & Joyeeta played by Alivia Sarkar. Their relationship was too much complicated because of Sohom’s closeness to his professor Aparna Maam played by Chandreyee Ghosh, who is waiting for her husband to finish the divorce procedure faster. It was a mind-blowing performance from Aryann,we watched in this webseries.

Last couple was Amrita played by Sohini Sarkar & Dhruvo played by Ranojay. Dhruvo is yet to give divorce to her wife Aparna but having a live-in relation with Amrita. Rest of the story keeps moving towards how they went on for the break up.

Watching the first 5 episodes, we can easily say that Mainak is a winner here also making his first release on OTT platform to be a successful one. The “Breakup Story” webseries is streaming on Hoichoi.

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