Bonyo Premer Golpo Web Series Season 2 Review

Bonyo Premer Golpo Web Series Season 2

Webseries: Bonyo Premer Golpo

Director: Sani Ghose Ray (SGR)

Bonyo Premer Golpo Web Series Season 2 Cast:

Arjun Chakraborty, Tanushree Chakraborty, Adrija Roy, Daminee Benny Basu,

Ena Saha, Chandni Saha

Bonyo Premer Golpo Season 2 Trailer:

Bonyo Premer Golpo Season 2 Release Date:

The web series was released on October 9, 2020, on Hoichoi.

Bonyo Premer Golpo Web Series Season 2 Review:

Almost 2 years after releasing season 1, we have finally watched season 2 of this

web series. 

At the beginning of the show, we saw an asylum doctor Dr. Basu was killed brutally

inside the asylum. 

Later we saw that Dr. Basu was connected to criminal activities like woman trafficking.

He was assisted by Jahangir and one of the nurses of the asylum Swati.

Dr. Kanishka (played by Arjun Chakraborty) was given the responsibility of the asylum

after Dr. Basu’s death. The murder case’s investigation was handed over to Police Officer

Binapani (played by Daminee Benny Basu). She was assisted by Bijoy throughout the case.

Mrinalini aka Mini (played by Tanushree Chakraborty) was spending her days at the asylum.

She is very patient and kept waiting for her release from the asylum. She is accompanied by

her imaginary friend Rumki(played by Ena Saha).

Binapani suspects Mini as the killer of Dr. Basu. She came to the asylum to interrogate Mini

in the presence of Dr. Kanishka. Binapani loses her calmness for not getting the kind of

answers she wanted from Mini.

Dr. Kanishka was not happy with Binapani’s behavior towards Mini. He informed her that

Mini is yet to recover completely and she should take Mini’s mental illness seriously.

Dr. Basu’s wife called Dr. Kanishka as she wanted to tell him something. The next day

Binapani came to the asylum to take him for interrogation of Mrs. Basu’s death. 

On the same day, Mini went missing as she did not find her imaginary friend Rumki there.

Binapani arrested Jahangir and interrogated him in Jail.

Jahangir was beaten badly in the jail and finally informed Binapani about Dr. Basu’s

wrongdoings. He told Binapni that Dr. Basu used to supply the patients to those people

who gave him money for spending a night with the patients.

The first half episodes of the web series were much better compared to the last half

episodes. Director SGR was successful in keeping the suspense alive. The climax

indicated that we might get a season 3 of Bonyo Premer Golpo web series.

Arjun Chakraborty has given one of the best performances here. Whether it is about

his charming look, his soft behavior to everyone, or his way of handling every situation,

he has done everything nicely. 

Tanushree Chakraborty has delivered another great piece of work here. The rest of the

star cast also did well. Watch Bonyo Premer Golpo web series if you are looking for a

crime thriller with some good performances and a great concept.

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