Mimi Movie Review: Kriti Sanon And Pankaj Tripathi's Power-Packed Performances

Director: Laxman Utekar

Music Directors: A. R. Rahman

Mimi Cast:

Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Manoj Pahwa, Supriya Pathak, Evelyn Edwards, Aidan Whytock, Jaya Bhattacharya, Tawhid Rike Zaman

Mimi Movie

Release Date:

The movie was released on 26th July 2021 on Netflix.

Mimi Review: Story, Performances & Analysis 

In search of a surrogate mother, John (Aiden Whytock) and Summer (Evelyn Edwards) came to Rajasthan from America. After understanding their requirements local taxi driver Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi) promises them to help.

Their search finally ends when they found a local dancer Mimi(Kriti Sanon), who impressed them with her dance moves. They expressed their wish to Bhanu for getting someone like Mimi. She was tall, beautiful, and healthy.

Bhanu assures them to convince Mimi to be the surrogate mother. Things were not easy for him as she was not aware of surrogacy. Her dream was to go to Mumbai and work alongside Bollywood’s top actors.

When Bhanu offers her a hefty amount of 20 lakh, she could not stop thinking about the chance to fulfill her dream with that money. After discussion with the couple finally Mimi agrees to be the surrogate mother.

To keep it a secret from her parents (Manoj Pahwa & Supriya Pathak), she lied to them and decided to spend the pregnancy days at her friend Shama’s (Sai Tamhankar) house. Bhanu was given the responsibility to take care of Mimi during her pregnancy.

Things were going well until Dr. Asha Desai(Jaya Bhattacharya) informed the couple that the child has Down Syndrome. They refused to take the child but Mimi denied aborting it. What will finally happen to the child? Will John and Summer come back for the child? To get all these answers start streaming “Mimi” on Netflix.

One can see the kind of hard work Kriti has done for this role. To get into that character and making it look real was very challenging. Mimi was certainly the best performance of Kriti Sanon’s career till date. Whether you talk about the emotional scenes or the joy after having a baby, she made it like she was living the character on screen.

Another man who keeps surprising us every time with each of his roles is Pankaj Tripathi. Mirzapur, Sacred Games, Mirzapur 2, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Season 2, Newton, Ludo, Super 30, and the list will go on if we start talking about his top-notch performances. In “Mimi” movie we saw another outstanding performance from him.

Sai Tamhankar as Mimi’s friend Shama provided good support. Manoj Pahwa and Supriya Pathak also did full justice to their given characters. Evelyn Edwards and Aidan Whytock were convincing during their given screen presence.

 Laxman Utekar who also directed “Luka Chuppi” starring Kartik Aaryan & Kriti Sanon, certainly deserves a lot of credit for bringing the best from Kriti Sanon in “Mimi”. Laxman Utekar- Kriti Sanon will be collaborating for the third time in their upcoming movie “Luka Chuppi Phir Se” which is the sequel of “Luka Chuppi”.

The soundtracks by A. R. Rahman were lovely especially "Rihaayi De" and "Param Sundari" were too good.

What does this film promise to offer?

Power-packed performances from the lead cast, brilliant composition, direction, and engaging plot are the reasons behind making the comedy-drama “Mimi” a must-watch for everyone.


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