Disco Raja Movie Review: Ravi Teja And Vi Anand's Maiden Collaboration

Director: Vi Anand

Music Director: S. Thaman

Disco Raja (2020) Telugu Cast:

Ravi Teja, Bobby Simha, Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Vennela Kishore, Sunil Varma, Shishir Sharma, Naresh, Raghu Babu, Satyam Rajesh

Disco Raja Movie

Release Date:

The movie was released on 24th January 2020. You can also watch it on Sun Nxt and MX-Player.

Disco Raja (2020) Telugu Movie Review: Story, Performance & Analysis

Disco Raja' is a Telugu movie that begins with a man named Disco Raj (Ravi Teja) getting beaten up and left for dead in an isolated house in the mountains of Ladakh. After being frozen in an ice block due to a massive snowstorm, he is revived to life by a team of medical researchers led by Dr. Shishir (Shishir Sharma), the founder of Re-Live Labs.

As Disco Raj struggles to find his identity, he is kidnapped by the men of a gangster named Burma Sethu (Bobby Simha). His past life is revealed through his girlfriend Nabha (Nabha Natesh), who shares his personal and professional details with a loan officer Kukuteshwar (Naresh). We are taken to a flashback where we meet Disco Raj's love interest, Helen (Payal Rajput), a deaf and mute girl who initially ignores Raj but later accepts his love.

The performances in the movie are impressive, with Ravi Teja delivering another mind-blowing performance, especially as Disco Raj of the 1980s. Bobby Simha, Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, and Vennela Kishore provided decent performances with their respective characters. The soundtrack and background score by S. Thaman also add to the movie's overall appeal.

The movie's storytelling by Vi Anand is brilliant, and the technical team deserves praise for their work. However, the movie's shortcomings are also worth mentioning, such as the poorly written characters, particularly Bobby Simha and Nabha Natesh's characters, which deserved more focus. Additionally, the emotional attachment was missing, which affected the overall impact of the movie.

Overall, 'Disco Raja' is a decent action entertainer with sci-fi elements that make it stand out. While the movie has some shortcomings, it is still an enjoyable watch for fans of the genre."


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