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Sherni Movie Review

Movie: Sherni

Director: Amit V. Masurkar

Music Directors: Benedict Taylor, Bandish Projekt, Naren Chandavarkar

Sherni Movie Cast:

Vidya Balan, Mukul Chadda, Sharat Saxena, Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi, Sampa Mandal, Ila Arun, Suma Mukundan, Balram Ojha

Sherni Movie Release Date:

The movie was released on 18th June 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

Sherni Movie Review: Story & Performances

Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan) a Divisional Forest Officer who has newly taken charge and refuses to accept any kind of carelessness in forest-related works. Her voice is being suppressed by male-dominated seniors of the office and powerful people of society.

She is calm and composed, hearing everything but protesting rarely. She is married to Pawan Shrivastava (Mukul Chadda). He is not having a great time in office due to the recession.

As per the observations from villagers, a Sherni(The Tigress) was responsible for many villager’s death. The villagers are also helpless as they have to visit the forest to feed the domestic pets risking their lives.

To identify the tiger DNA sampling was necessary. Vidya was accompanied by zoology professor Hassan Noorani (Vijay Raaz) to get assistance on this.

At the beginning of the movie we saw Vidya Balan not so fond of cats but we have seen the opposite at the climax, this shows how our interest changes due to certain incidents over some time.

The Sherni movie reminded us once again that in any environment mutual understanding and co-existence are important.

Director Amit Masurkar came to fame after directing the movie Newton starring Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi. His sincere attempts in bringing back realistic cinema should be appreciated.

Conceptually the Sherni movie was quite similar to Amit Masurkar’s Newton movie as both focused mainly to bring a change in the system.

We have seen earlier Vidya Balan in many challenging roles and doing them with almost perfection. The Sherni movie was no exception. She delivered a remarkable performance in the Shakuntala Devi movie last year.

What was impressive about the Sherni movie?

The climax scene will bring a smile to your face. Vidya Balan once again will leave you impressed. Vijay Raaz was the only other artist leaving a mark with his performance in “Sherni“. The cinematography and background score was quite good.

What was bad about the Sherni movie?

A few characters didn’t get the needed focus. The presence of an actor like Neeraj Kabi was not felt in “Sherni”. We have seen him portraying many brilliant roles including the one in the web series Pataal Lok not too long ago.

Even Brijendra Kala, Ila Arun, Sharat Saxena, and Sampa Mandal (Phuliya from Sonchiriya movie) didn’t get much scope to showcase their talents. The environmental thriller lost the plot due to too much forest politics from the second half of the movie.

Sherni Movie Trailer:

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