Surjo (2024) Bengali Movie: Vikram Chatterjee unveiled motion poster of his new film

On 15th June 2024, Vikram Chatterjee unveiled the motion poster for his upcoming film Surjo. Directed by Shieladitya Moulik, the film stars Vikram Chatterjee, Darshana Banik, and Madhumita Sarcar in the lead roles.

The film has been produced by Innovative Films and will hit theaters on 19th July 2024. The motion poster features Vikram Chatterjee and Madhumita Sarcar sitting in the back of a truck on a highway.

Ayan Shil is handling the cinematography, Anirban Maity is responsible for the editing, Ananda Adhya is responsible for the art direction of Surjo, & the music and background score will be composed by Loy-Deep 

Vikram Chatterjee and Madhumita Sarcar have previously worked together in Kuler Achaar, and this is the first time Vikram Chatterjee and Darshana Banik will share the screen. 

Shieladitya Moulik came to fame after directing "Sweater" in 2019, and his style of filmmaking is quite impressive. Vikram Chatterjee’s latest action film Pariah received a massive response, and he will be seen in the upcoming films Pariah 2, "Durgapur Junction," and Omorshongi.

Surjo (2024) Bengali Movie Cast:

Vikram Chatterjee, Madhumita Sarcar, Darshana Banik

Surjo 2024 Bengali Movie Poster

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