Kuler Achaar Movie Review: Indrani Haldar and Sujan Mukherjee’s on-screen chemistry is impressive

Director: Sudeep Das

Music Director: Prosener Dolbol

Background Score: Savvy

Kuler Achaar Cast:

Madhumita Sarcar, Vikram Chatterjee, Indrani Haldar, Sujan Mukherjee, Tapasya Dasgupta, Sharmila Das, Joydip Kundu

Release Date:

The movie was released in theatres on 15th July 2022 & started streaming on Hoichoi on 9th September 2022.

Kuler Achaar Review: Story, Performances & Analysis

The story of Kuler Achaar revolves around a newly married couple Meethi Roy(Madhumita Sarcar) & Pritam Sen(Vikram Chatterjee). Before marriage Meethi told Pritam that she won’t change her surname and Pritam agreed with that.

They went on their honeymoon somewhere in the South and were caught by the police while enjoying their private moment in an ordinary hotel. The police found a mismatch in surnames so they were not ready to believe that Meethi and Pritam are married & they don’t have their marriage certificate with them. However, after watching their fight the officer became sure about their relationship.

The problem arises when her father-in-law Pranotosh Sen (Sujan Mukherjee) tells her wife Mitali Sen(Indrani Haldar) to discuss with Meethi about changing her surname. But after discussing it with her friends Mitali changed her plan and now she also wants to change her surname.

The rest of the story is about the difficulties Meethi and Mitali face and whether they can change their surnames or not.

Barring Vikram Chatterjee other lead characters delivered solid performances. He looked good in parts as a supportive and caring husband but mostly he kept himself within the boundary without expressing much in scenes that could have been far better.

Madhumita Sarcar delivered another top-notch performance after Uttoron. Her character Meethi is expressive and fearless, and she respects relationships. Another strong part of Kuler Achaar is Indrani Haldar and Sujan Mukherjee’s on-screen chemistry. Both of them looked so good and their scenes especially the fighting ones looked very real. A few scenes looked overdramatic and stretched which affected the flow of the narrative.

Apart from Sanglap Bhowmick’s editing, Prosenjit Chowdhury’s cinematography, the music by Prosener Dolbol, and the background score by Savvy were good. It is good to see that Director Sudeep Das showed the courage to execute such a concept where society needs to provide attention.

Final Words:

Kuler Achaar is a Bengali romantic comedy movie with a good concept and impressive performances by Madhumita Sarcar, Indrani Haldar, and Sujan Mukherjee.


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