Rajkumar (2024) Movie Review: Shakib Khan's performance is the only takeaway

Himel Ashraf's directorial romantic drama Rajkumar, starring Superstar Shakib Khan and Courtney Coffey in the lead roles, premiered on Bongo on 13th June 2024.

The story revolves around Shamsur aka Shyam (Shakib Khan), who is desperate to go to America, but his father (Tariq Anam Khan) is not allowing him. Shyam failed 17 times at the interview at the American Embassy. So, he started looking for other options to go to America.

A local man informed him that he would have to marry a foreigner, which is the only way to go to America. He married Julie (Courtney Coffey) and went to America, where he started searching for Khadija Begum. Who is Khadija Begum? What is Shyam’s relation with Khadija Begum, and why is he searching for her?

Shakib Khan’s performance is the only takeaway from Rajkumar. His expressions and dialogue deliveries were impressive. You will enjoy a few comedy scenes between Shyam and Signal. Himel Ashraf, who last year delivered Priyotoma, the highest-grossing Bangladeshi film of all time, disappointed hugely with his storytelling. The plot is pretty weak, and the character developments were forgettable.

The subplots were not developed well, so when there is an emotional scene, it fails to leave any impact on us. The poor character development of Julie and Khadija Begum may leave you disappointed.

The relationship between Shakib Khan and Tariq Anam Khan was not built properly, so the emotional scenes do not work. The on-screen chemistry between Shakib Khan and Courtney Coffey was forgettable.

Rajkumar is a decent one-time-watch family drama because of Shakib Khan’s impressive performance. Sheikh Rajibul Islam’s cinematography was brilliant, and the background score by Imon Shaha was impressive too.


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