Boomerang (2024) Teaser: Rukmini Maitra Looks Impressive

On the auspicious occasion of Poila Boisakh, Superstar Jeet unveiled the official teaser of his upcoming sci-fi comedy film Boomerang. Directed by Sauvik Kundu, the film stars Rukmini Maitra as the female lead and she will also be seen in a robot's character.

The nearly one-and-a-half-minute teaser begins with the genius scientist Samar Sen (Jeet) riding a superbike and talking about the biggest dream of his life, the fight to prove himself. His girlfriend Isha (Rukmini Maitra) shares about Samar's latest innovation, a futuristic virtual mobile.

She also mentions that he is busy with a completely different and unique project. In the last scene of the teaser, we see Saurav Das drinking alcohol and asking Jeet, "Dream or relationship, which is more important?" Jeet replies, "Alcohol is important now."

Saurav Das is most likely playing the character of Samar's assistant in the lab. Kharaj Mukherjee, Ambarish Bhattacharya, and Rajatava Dutta also appear in this teaser. Rukmini Maitra as a robot is the major attraction of this teaser, especially the way she reacts during the malfunctioning, making the scene hilarious.

The background score and the comedy scenes look good in this teaser. Jeet's return to the comedy genre, along with the presence of some brilliant actors who never miss an opportunity to impress in comedy films, will be a major eye-catching aspect of this film. The VFX also looks impressive in this teaser. The makers unveiled the first look poster of this film on Eid.


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