Babli (2024) Movie Teaser: Subhashree Ganguly Looks Impressive

On the auspicious occasion of Poila Boisakh on 14th April 2024, director Raj Chakraborty unveiled the official teaser for his upcoming romantic drama film Babli.

Produced under his in-house production banner, Raj Chakraborty Entertainment, the film stars Subhashree Ganguly in the titular role. Abir Chatterjee plays the male lead, portraying the character of Abhi, and Sauraseni Maitra will portray Jhuma, the second female lead in the film.

The one-minute teaser gives us a glimpse of the storyline, which appears to be as follows: Babli is obsessed with her weight and complains that no author will ever write a story about a plump girl like her. She also believes that a traditional "good figure" is the only parameter of beauty.

Abhi enters her life and tries to impress her, helping her overcome her obsession with weight. They share a romantic chapter, but then Babli leaves him. Abhi meets Jhuma at a swimming pool. Will Abhi and Babli's love have a happy ending? We will find out on 30th August 2024 when the film releases in theatres.

Subhashree Ganguly looks impressive in the teaser. The on-screen chemistry between Abir Chatterjee and Subhashree Ganguly will be a major attraction of this film. Indraadip Dasgupta's music composition is another significant aspect of the film, which is based on Buddhadeb Guha's novel of the same title.

Abir Chatterjee will be featured in Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee's Bohurupi. Subhashree Ganguly will be featured in Debaloy Bhattacharya's Aleyar Bari. Sauraseni Maitra will be featured in Pathikrit Basu's Shastri.


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