Jongli (2024) Movie: Siam Ahmed Starring Upcoming Film’s First Look Poster Unveiled

On the grand occasion of Siam Ahmed's 34th birthday on 29th March 2024, the actor unveiled the first look poster of his upcoming film Jongli through his social media handle. Directed by M Raahim, the film is scheduled to be released in theatres on Eid Ul Azha and will clash with Shakib Khan’s Toofan.

The first look poster features Siam Ahmed sporting a beard and goggles, holding a weapon, and about to light a bidi. His hands are covered in blood, with a bird perched on his right hand. He is seated at a desk, with a burning house visible in the background. At first glance, it's difficult to recognize the actor, and the poster hints towards an action thriller.

Siam Ahmed has previously worked with director M Raahim in the film "Shaan". He was last seen in the mystery thriller Tikit on Chorki and is set to appear in upcoming projects such as "Shaan 2", "Ittefaq", "Swapnobaji", "Rasta", and a biopic. Known for choosing challenging and experimental roles, fans have high expectations for him once again.

Jongli 2024 Movie First Look Poster

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