Buk Poketer Golpo (2024) Review: Jahid Preetom’s impressive storytelling

Director Jahid Preetom’s romantic drama Buk Poketer Golpo starring Mir Rabby, Tahiya Tazeen Khan Aisha, Shashwta Datta, Priyontee Urbee, Abu Hurayra Tanvir, Mariya Shanto, Shoaib Monir was released on 16th February 2024 on KS Entertainment's YouTube channel.

The story of Buk Poketer Golpo revolves around three different love stories. Mahin (Shashwta Datta) is set to meet Meghla (Priyontee Urbee) whom he encountered online. However, their meeting is interrupted by OC Mahfuz (Mir Rabby), who accuses Meghla of online entrapment and takes her away.

Mahfuz's own story unfolds when he meets Noboni (Tahiya Tazeen Khan Aisha) on a bus, mistaking her for an old college friend. Noboni reveals to him that she has received a cancer diagnosis from her doctor.

Meanwhile, Mahfuz's friend Sam (Abu Hurayra Tanvir) is about to marry Maliha (Mariya Shanto). However, Maliha drops a bombshell the day before their wedding, confessing that she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child and needs to meet him at Kamlapur railway station. Will any of these three love stories find a happy ending?

Buk Poketer Golpo offers a sweet romantic drama, ideal for occasions like Valentine’s week. Director Jahid Preetom deserves praise for his brilliant storytelling, with each of the three stories conveying distinct messages effectively.

The chemistry between Mir Rabby and Tahiya Tazeen Khan Aisha stands out as particularly compelling. Their shared moments and heartfelt conversations leave a lasting impression, supported by impressive performances from both actors.

Similarly, the chemistry between Abu Hurayra Tanvir and Mariya Shanto, while predictable, carries its own charm. Both actors deliver convincing performances, adding depth to their characters' relationship.

Shashwta Datta and Priyontee Urbee also shine in their roles, portraying their characters with brilliance. The Background Score by Syed Nafis and the music composition by Mahamud Hayet Arpon enhance the overall experience, contributing to the film's excellence.


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