Jongole Mitin Mashi Review: Koel Mallick’s mass avatar is praiseworthy

Arindam Sil directorial mystery thriller Jongole Mitin Mashi starring Koel Mallick in the lead role and Subharajit Dutta, Lekha Chatterjee, Asim Roy Chowdhury, Barun Chakraborty, Riya Banik, Jaydeep Kundu, Sourav Samanta, Payel Roy, Kamalika Banerjee, Arijit Dutta, Samiul Alam, Arindam Sil in the supporting roles was released in theatres on 19th October 2023 competing with DawshomAwbotaar, Bagha Jatin, & Raktabeej.

The film is an adaptation of Suchitra Bhattacharya's "Sarandai Soitan".

The narrative begins with an action-packed sequence featuring Pragyaparamita Mukherjee, also known as Detective Mitin Mashi (Koel Mallick). She operates a detective agency called "3rd Eye" and successfully thwarts an illegal transaction involving a god's idol crafted from elephant tusks.

Professor Arun Mahapatra (Arindam Sil), the curator of the State Archaeological Museum, honors her for her efforts in recovering the stolen god's idol, previously taken from the museum.

Aniruddha Sen, the Divisional Forest Officer from Saranda, invites Pragyaparamita Mukherjee to discuss a new mission aimed at thwarting poachers, seeking her assistance. The remainder of the story revolves around how Mitin Mashi, with the support of local law enforcement and the community, confronts the poachers in Saranda.

Koel Mallick, portraying Pragyaparamita Mukherjee aka Mitin Mashi, stands out as the most positive aspect, alongside Bickram Ghosh's exceptional background score. The movie effectively conveys the message of wildlife preservation. The two action sequences she is featured in are executed with precision.

This marks the first time we see the "Tolly Queen" in a mass-action role, and she delivers an outstanding performance throughout the film. Koel Mallick's impassioned speech about ecological destruction and wildlife preservation is particularly inspiring.

The primary issue with Jongole Mitin Mashi lies in its flawed execution and its focus on the family angle over the thrilling elements. Additionally, the visual effects (VFX) fail to meet expectations.

The film lacks genuinely exciting or thrilling moments, as the treatment leans more toward a family adventure than a detective or mystery thriller. The script fails to provide significant roles for the supporting cast, resulting in limited opportunities for actors like Subhrajit Dutta and Lekha Chatterjee to contribute meaningfully to the investigation. Even actors such as Kamalika Banerjee, Arijit Dutta, Asim Roy Chowdhury, and Barun Chakraborty have relatively little to do.


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