Ghore Pherar Gaan Review: Ishaa Saha’s performance and the music composition are praiseworthy

Ghore Pherar Gaan Bengali Movie Review:

Director: Aritra Sen

Ghore Pherar Gaan Review: Story

Director Aritra Sen’s romantic drama Ghore Pherar Gaan starring Ishaa Saha, Parambrata Chatterjee, Gourab Chatterjee, & Reshmi Sen was released in theatres on 17th March 2023. The film is produced by Ashok Dhanuka & Himanshu Dhanuka under Eskay Movies banner

Tora (Ishaa Saha) lives in London with her husband Ribhbu (Gourab Chatterjee) who is a doctor, & her mother-in-law Shanta (Reshmi Sen). Tora was born and brought up in Kalyani, West Bengal.

She met with Imran (Parambrata Chatterjee) who is a musician at a party in London. Tora’s interest in music brings them together and they fell in love with each other. Will Tora and Imran be together overcoming all the obstacles?

The plot of Ghore Pherar Gaan is nothing new as it tells us how a married woman is surrounded by boundaries and then finds herself after some events. But the way director Aritra Sen narrates the story to us was pathetic.

Ishaa Saha as Tora delivers a praiseworthy performance. She got the maximum screen time and she utilizes it perfectly. Tora connects you emotionally and makes you feel the pain she has gone through. The music composition by Prabuddha Banerjee looks good, but the background score was not that good.

Both of her earlier projects this year Indu 2 & Mitthye Premer Gaan didn’t work, but her performances were liked by audiences. Last year she was featured in hit movies like Kacher Manush & Karnasubarner Guptodhon.

There was no development in the chemistry between Tora and Imran so it failed to connect you emotionally with the one after another tragic event happen in Imran’s life. There were no backstories of Imran and Tora. 

An actor like Parambrata Chatterjee mostly remained underutilized. Quite surprisingly, barring a few scenes he never looked in his usual form. Another worst part of the film was Ribhbu’s character played by Gourab Chatterjee. He never looks like an NRI, in an attempt to speak like an NRI his dialogues often looked unconvincing.


Who is the director of this romantic drama?

Aritra Sen

Who are the leading star cast of this film?

Ishaa Saha, Parambrata Chatterjee, Gourab Chatterjee, & Reshmi Sen

When did the film release in theatres?

On 17th March 2023

When will the film release on OTT?

The OTT release date of this film is yet to be announced officially

Who composed the music and the background score of this film?

Prabuddha Banerjee

Who is the editor of this film?

Sumit Chowdhury

Who is the cinematographer of this film?


Who are the screenplay & dialogues writers of this film?

Aritra Sen and Soumyasree Ghosh

Is it worth watching this film?

The pace of the narrative is quite slow and barring Ishaa Saha’s performance and the music there are hardly any good elements in this film.


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