Shwetkali (2023) Bengali Web Series Review: Rishi Kaushik steals the show

Web Series: Shwetkali

Director: Sani Ghose Ray

Shwetkali Series Star Cast:

Rishi Kaushik, Sourav Chakraborty, Oindrila Sen, Saheb Bhattacharya, Loknath Dey, Samadarshi Dutta, Devlina Kumar, Arindam Ganguly, Ranit Modok, Debdut Ghosh, Deb Roy, Prantik Banerjee, Ratan Sarkhel, Koushiki, Mantra Bose

Shwetkali (2023) Bengali Web Series Review: Story & Performances

The mystery thriller Shwetkali starring Rishi Kaushik, Sourav Chakraborty, Oindrila Sen, Saheb Bhattacharya, Samadarshi Dutta, & Loknath Dey was released on ZEE5 on 24th February 2023.

Jewellery tycoon Mahitosh Chattopadhyay (Arindam Ganguly) bought a mansion to build a hotel there. He came along with the family came for the engagement of Palash (Saheb Bhattacharya) and Urvi (Oindrila Sen). They found an idol of Goddess white Kali and thereafter a few mysterious deaths took place there.

The priest Balaram (Ratan Sarkhel) informs them that this could be done by the Goddess Kali herself. Urvi found this information unconvincing so she decided to unravel the mystery. Will Urvi be able to find out the truth behind these murders?

Talking about the performances Rishi Kaushik as Narendra Pratap steals the show. His character was written beautifully giving it the sufficient focus it deserves. His love for his mother and his obsession to overcome his physical inabilities have made his character an interesting one to watch out for.

Sourav Chakraborty as Arunava aka Arun impresses in the final episode. His character did not get much focus throughout the series but his dialogue delivery and expression at the climax were fantastic.

Though Oindrila Sen is the protagonist here, her character was not as powerful as Ishaa Saha in Indu or Indu 2 or Vikram Chatterjee in Roktokorobi and that is one area I felt director Sani Ghose Ray failed to look into. She looks okay in a few scenes but most of the time it felt like any other character due to the poor writing.

Samadarshi Dutta as Shimul had nothing much to do in the script and this is quite surprising. The actor has a lot of potential but the director failed to utilize him properly.

Debdut Ghosh as Priyotosh, Saheb Bhattacharya as Palash, Prantik Banerjee as Debnath, & Loknath Dey as the investigating officer provided ably support.

The background score by Subhadeep Guha was apt to make the series more captivating. The series was unnecessarily stretched to eight episodes as the story was not progressing much in the first 3 episodes. The past events featuring Rishi Kaushik, Koushiki, Mantra Bose, & Prantik Banerjee were more engaging than the present ones.

Shwetkali is an engaging mystery thriller on ZEE5 with some solid performances from Rishi Kaushik and Sourav Chakraborty.

  • Who is the director of Shwetkali?

👉Sani Ghose Ray

  • Who is the leading star cast of Shwetkali?

👉Rishi Kaushik, Sourav Chakraborty, Oindrila Sen, Saheb Bhattacharya

  • Where can I watch Shwetkali?

👉On ZEE5

  • Should I watch Shwetkali web series?

👉This is an engaging mystery thriller with a few top performances, so it is good for a one-time watch.


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