Laththi (2022) Tamil Movie Review: An action entertainer for Vishal’s fans

Laththi (2022) Tamil Movie Review: Story, Performances, & Analysis

Director Vinoth Kumar’s action entertainer Laththi starring Vishal, Sunaina, Prabhu, Munishkanth, Ramana, & Lirish Raghav was released in theatres on 22nd December 2022. The movie marks the maiden collaboration between Vishal and Vinoth Kumar, and the second collaboration between Vishal and Sunaina.

The story revolves around an honest police constable Muruganantham (Vishal) who was living a happy life with his wife Kavitha (Sunaina) and their son Rasu (Lirish Raghav). The problem arrives in Muruganantham’s life when he was assigned the task to beat Don Sura’s (Sunny PN) son Veera (Ramana) by DIG Kamal (Prabhu). DIG Kamal’s daughter (Misha Ghoshal) was harassed by Veera and he wanted revenge for it. Will Muruganantham be able to save himself and his family from Don Sura and his son Veera?

Like most of his recent action films including Ayogya, Action, Enemy, Chakra, & Veerame Vaagai Soodum Vishal shoulders Laththi on his own. The first half was thoroughly enjoyable with a few nail-biting scenes like the one when Veera and his team were searching for the constable and Muruganantham’s bike broke down a few steps ahead of them.

Barring one twist the plot was mostly predictable but Vinoth Kumar’s execution is praiseworthy. The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, editing by N. B. Srikanth & Cinematography by Balasubramaniem &  Balakrishna Thota were other notable areas of this movie. And we should not forget the contribution of Peter Hein who deserves appreciation for keeping you engaged with those captivating fight sequences.

Sunaina is convincing as Muruganantham’s wife Kavitha, & Lirish Raghav looks okay as Rasu. Neither Ramana nor Sunny PN) was able to make any long-lasting impact here as antagonists. The pace of the narrative became slow in parts & the characters of Prabhu and Munishkanth deserved a bit more focus.

Laththi on OTT:

Laththi was released on SunNxt on 14th January 2023 & the Hindi version premiered on Star Gold on 12th March 2023.


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