Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Vishal And Tamannaah Starrer Action Movie Review

Vishal & Tamannaah Starrer Action Movie

Movie Name: Action

Director: Sundar C

Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Producer: R. Ravindran

Casts: Vishal, Tamannaah, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Kabir Duhan Singh

Action Movie Review:

The South Indian Tamil movie action was released on 15 November 2019. The hindi dubbed version of the movie was officially released on 4th october 2020.

The story of Vishal’s new movie action revolves around Colonel Subhash (played by Vishal)

Known for his intelligence and great works in Indian Army.

The current chief minister is his father and he wants to retire and before that he will make his elder son (played by Ramki) their political heir.

While a campaign was going on the attackers successfully executed bomb explosion there. Subhas’s fiance (played by Aishwarya Lakshmi) was killed by the goons. Political leaders were raising fingers towards Subhash’s brother.

He found some answers for all these and to share he calls for a press conference. On that day he was also murdered which was represented as a suicide. 

Subhash’s colleague Diya (played by Tamannaah) has a soft corner for him. He decided to find out the killer of his fiance and brother.

Diya also joined him to give some support in such difficult times. They were well supported by his brother-in-law and a hacker to reach out to Don Malik (played by Kabir Duhan Singh). Malik has a double who used to confuse people recognising the original Malik.

Rest of the story revolved around whether he could finally reach out to Malik and bring him back to India.

The story lacks some good twists and was completely based on some solid actions sequences. 

Director Sundar C has delivered some good movies early in his directorial career. Some of his popular movies are: Aranmanai, Aranmanai 2, Aambala, etc.

Vishal looked exceptionally well in this kind of action movie. The action sequences were so eye catching that you won’t be able to turn your eyes off.

Tamannaah also plays a crucial role here and she justified her character quite well.

Kabir Duhan Singh was simply brilliant throughout the movie. We have already seen him in negative roles in so many great movies. Some of his top movies are “Bengal Tiger”, “Vedalam”, “Kick 2”, “Kanchana 3”, etc.

Action movie was the Tamil debut for actress Aishwarya Lakshmi. She had little screen presence here but she tried quite well as per the given character.

You can watch or download the hindi version of Action Movie on official youtube channel of Goldmines Telefilms.


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