Rama Rao On Duty Review: Ravi Teja’s performance is the only good thing about this mystery action thriller

Writer & Director: Sarath Mandava

Rama Rao On Duty Cast:

Ravi Teja, Divyansha Kaushik, Rajisha Vijayan, Venu Thottempudi, Nassar, Tanikella Bharani, Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, John Vijay

Release Date:

The film was released in theatres on 29th July 2022.

Rama Rao On Duty Review: Story, Performances & Analysis

Ramarao(Ravi Teja) is an honest revenue officer who believes in helping people and solving their problems. He lives with his family including his parents, his wife Nandini (Divyansha Kaushik), and their son.

Soon he was transferred to Chittoor where he met his ex-girlfriend Malini (Rajisha Vijayan). They were in a relationship in the past where it was almost decided that they will tie the knot soon.  But circumstances changed when Ramarao left after getting the job and Malini had to marry someone else. His father Prasada Rao(Nassar) also fixed Ramarao’s marriage with Nandini when he came back. 

Ramarao came to know that her husband is missing so he stood by her side to help her find her missing husband. He took Malini with him to the police station to meet the local Police Inspector Jammi Murali (Venu Thottempudi) and they understood the Police won’t help them. Ramarao started the investigation himself and came to know that 20 other people were also missing. 

Can Ramarao find out the reason for these people’s disappearances? Can Ramarao find out the real culprits? Can Ramarao bring back those missing people?  We get these answers in the second half of the story.

Seems like writer & director Sarath Mandava was neither concerned about making the narrative more exciting nor about the execution.

Rama Rao On Duty has let the audience’s expectations down mainly in writing. The first half looked a bit lengthier and uninteresting while the plot looked better in the second half. 

Rama Rao On Duty is special to Ravi Teja as he is most popular for hardcore action movies but this is completely a different type of role than his previous ones. Though there are flaws in the writing that made his character look lost sometimes but overall we should appreciate his attempt towards portraying such a challenging character.

His last 3 movies Krack, Khiladiand Disco Raja did not receive much success at the Box Office. Now the audience feedback on Rama Rao On Duty is also not impressive and we are expecting something big in his upcoming movies like Ravanasura, Tiger Nageswara Rao, Dhamaka, and Waltair Veerayya.

Sarath Mandava also did not provide much focus on the character development of Divyansha Kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan. Rajisha Vijayan still got a few scenes but Divyansha Kaushik’s presence was not felt throughout the movie and the same goes for Nassar and Naresh.

Venu Thottempudi had a good screen presence and he did a good job as C. I Jammi Murali. Music by Sam C.S was also forgettable. Cinematography by Sathyan Sooryan and editing by Praveen K.L were other highlights of Rama Rao On Duty.

Final Words

Rama Rao On Duty is a mystery action thriller where Ravi Teja’s performance is the only part that can be considered good about this movie.


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