Eken Babu Season 5 Review: Anirban Chakrabarti Starrer Bengali Web Series Will Keep You Glued To The Screen

Director: Anirban Mallik

Music Director: Subhadeep Guha

Eken Babu Season 5 Cast:

Anirban Chakrabarti, Shoumo Banerjee, Shreya Sinha, Ujan Chatterjee, Soumya Sengupta, Bubble, Sourav Chatterjee, Mimi Dutta, Shouvik Majumder, Krishnendu Dewanji

Release Date:

Eken Babu Season 5 comprising 6 episodes was released on 8th October 2021 on Hoichoi TV.

Eken Babu Season 5 Review: Story, Performance & Analysis

After receiving some great reviews about Eken Babu Season 4, the makers have finally released Eken Babu new season on Hoichoi on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja. Season 5 titled Shantiniketane Sonket Mochon has arrived with a new story & with the best man Anirban Chakrabarti portraying the titular role, accompanied by Shoumo Banerjee as Bapyaditya Aka Bapi. 

The story revolves around the murder of Jagadish Narayan Choudhury (Soumya Sengupta), who once was a Zamindar of Bolpur. Before Choudhury’s death, Detective Ekendra Sen & Bapi were approached By Choudhury’s accountant Suresh Mitra(Sourav Chatterjee) for the safety of a rare red diamond that Choudhury owns. They joined investigating officer Rupal Mehra(Shreya Sinha) in Shantinektan to solve this murder mystery.

While the Eken Babu season 5 episodes 1 & 2 were a bit slow, the last couple of episodes were engaging, keeping you on the hunt for the truth. Just when it started looking like another predictable story, the twists one after another will keep you hooked to your seats.

One of the main reasons why people like the Eken Babu web series so much is Anirban Chakrabarti. You will struggle to find a better actor than him to portray the character of Eken Babu so well. His love for solving mysteries as well as eating his favorite food items along with funny conversations with Bapi are some of the areas he masters, also his Hindi speaking was hilarious.

Shoumo Banerjee & Shreya Sinha this season were convincing in their respective roles. Ujan Chatterjee doing a cameo as a local toto driver of Shantinektan provided valuable contributions. Soumya Sengupta & Sourav Chatterjee were satisfactory during their short screen time.

Anirban Mallik’s direction & Padmanabha Dasgupta’s screenplay & dialogues deserve appreciation for being able to keep the suspense alive till the end. The music & background score by Subhadeep Guha was also quite good. Editing by MD Piyasuddin & cinematography by Subhadeep Dey & Animesh Ghorui also deserve a mention. 

Final Words:

It will be quite difficult to compare Season 5 with Season 1, season 2, season 3, and Season 4 but overall it is an engaging watch.


Who wrote Eken Babu?

👉Author Sujan Dasgupgta

Which season of Eken Babu is best?

👉It's hard to compare but Eken Babu Season 4 and Eken Babu Season 6 were equally good.


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