Hello Season 3 Review

Hello Season 3 Web Series Review:

Director: Soumik Chattopadhyay

Hello Season 3 Cast:

Raima Sen, Priyanka Sarkar, Joy Sengupta, Saheb Bhattacharya, Pamela Bhutoria

Hello Season 3 Release Date:

The Hello Season 3 was released on 22nd January 2021 on Hoichoi.

Hello Season 3 Story & Performances:

After the positive responses about the suspense thriller Hello Season 1 & Season 2 from the viewers, Hoichoi has finally released Hello season 3.

After a few outstanding web series like Tansener Tanpura season 1 & season 2, Mismatch 3, director Soumik Chattopadhyay's current web series Hello season 3 also winning the hearts of audiences.

In Hello season 1 we saw Nandita(Raima Sen) received a video about her husband, Anonyo(Joy Sengupta) is having an extra-marital affair with Nina(Priyanka Sarkar). Season 1 comprises 8 episodes, was also Raima Sen’s debut Bengali web series.

In Hello season 2 we came to know that Nina got closer to Anonyo because she had feelings for Nandita from the college days. Nina also wanted to break their marriage to get Nandita in her life.

At the start of season 3, we saw Nandita and Nina are living together. Nandita came to know from Nina that she also studied at the same college with her.

Anonyo kept trying to bring back Nandita in his life but never succeeded. He met Riya(Pamela Bhutoria) and get closer to her.

Nina helped Nandita to get a job as a music teacher in a school. Both of them received the invitation to join the college reunion party. At the party, Nandita’s ex-boyfriend Rongit(Saheb Bhattacharya) appeared in a mask and met with Nandita & Nina without letting them know.

Anonyo came to meet Nandita and took her house keys secretly. Later while visiting their house he came to know that Nina is not paralyzed and she is

Director Soumik Chattopadhyay brings a few twists to make Hello 3 web series story more intriguing.

Priyanka Sarkar did much better in this season compared to her previous season’s performances.

Raima Sen also did not disappoint with the given character which was quite impressive. In a few scenes especially with Joy Sengupta, she was exceptionally good.

Joy Sengupta also provided good support. Saheb Bhattacharya & Pamela Bhutoria were also quite impressive with their short-screen presence.

Final Words About Hello Season 3 Review:

The suspense, drama, and a few powerful performances have made Hello Season 3 worth watching.

Hello 3 Web Series Trailer:

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