Mismatch 3 Web Series Review: Failed to meet expectations

Director: Soumik Chatterjee

Mismatch 3 Web series Cast:

Rajdeep Gupta, Rachel White, Abhishek Singh, Payel Sarkar, Priyanka Rati Pal, Kanchan Mullick

Mismatch Season 3 Web Series Review: Story & Performances

Mismatch season 3 was released on 18th September 2020 on Hoichoi. The story revolves around the common issues faced by married couples.

Sukanya (played by Rachel White), is a painter who loves to paint the nudes of male models. She has a love marriage with Imtiyaz (played by Rajdeep Gupta).

Imtiyaz loves Sukanya a lot but rarely succeeded in satisfying her while lovemaking. This makes Sukanya worried a lot and often ends with a fight. She requested he visits a Psychiatrist. 

Another couple RK (played by Abhishek Singh)& Nibedita (played by Payel Sarkar) were enjoying a party for their third marriage anniversary. RK is a film director and Nibedita was an actress earlier. 

RK loves moaning while lovemaking with Nibedita. Nibedita tries to convince RK for having an affair but she is not able to satisfy RK.

RK informed her about his commitment & dignity which made him a respected filmmaker. Nibedita learned about Milan Baba(played by Kanchan Mullick) who can help them overcome this situation.

Imtiyaz & Sukanya came to know about Milan Baba from Imtiyaz’s Psychiatrist. They decided to visit  Milan Baba’s Ashram.

Both couples arrived there to attend the sessions of Milan Baba. After the first day’s observation, he advised them to swap their partners.

The rest of the story revolves around how things worked after swapping partners.

Director Soumik Chatterjee recently delivered Tansener Tanpura and received much praise for this series. Mismatch 3 certainly doesn’t meet the audience’s high expectations. 

Mismatch 1 was far better than this one. Watching the same concept in every season of this series has become quite boring.

Performance-wise we can say Rajdeep and Kanchan were excellent with their respective roles. Abhishek and Rachel have done a great job. Payel’s performance was not up to the mark here. She has already impressed us with some fantastic performances in her career.

In this pandemic, all of us are waiting for things to get better. One can watch Mismatch 3 on Hoichoi which will refresh their sweet moments with their partner.




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