Mee Raqsam Movie Review

Mee Raqsam Movie Review

Movie Name: Mee Raqsam

Producer & Director: Baba Azmi

Writers: Safdar Mir, Husain Mir

Music: Ripul Sharma

Casts: Aditi Subedi, Danish Husain, Naseeruddin Shah, Kaustubh Shukla, Sudeepta Singh, Shraddha Kaul, Farrukh Jafar, Rakesh Chaturvedi Om

Mee Raqsam Movie Story & Performances: 

While one must be quite bored of watching crime thrillers which are releasing so frequently these days, “Mee Raqsam” movie offers some relief to them with different and unique content.

The story revolves around a Tailor Salim (played by Danish Husain) and his daughter Maryam (played by Aditi Subedi). We have seen a strong bonding between father and daughter here. Maryam’s mother loved Bharatnatyam dancing and she used to tell Maryam to participate with her sometimes and from there some passion grows within her for Bharatnatyam.

Her mother died after a long illness. After observing her passion for dance Salim tells her to join the Bharatnatyam dance class. Her dance teacher Uma (played by Sudeepta Singh) was impressed with her performance from day 1.

Mariyam’s relatives especially her aunt (played by Shraddha Kaul) and grandmother (played by Farrukh Jafar) were not happy with the decision so she was forced to join sewing class. After coming to know about Maryam’s absence in the class Uma met with her father and praised her fast learning. The businessman Jaiprakash(played by Rakesh Chaturvedi Om) tried to demean Salim showing some religious issues.

Salim spoke about the situation then Uma showed them a way that can help Mariyam to continue to dance class before going to her school. This continues for some days and she was so happy to re-join her dance class. Slowly the religious leader Hashim Seth (played by Naseeruddin Shah) came to know about this and he tried to stop Salim from sending Mariyam to that dance school but her father was firm on his decision.

Day after day they were getting deprived of every facility starting from going to Mosque to disconnecting their electricity. Mariyam was slowly understanding that everything was happening because of her attending the dance class. An open-minded auto-driver Ashfaque (played by Kaustubh Shukla) helped them in their difficult time with bringing some auto drivers for making their clothes from Salim.

Uma told Mariyam the good news about sending her and another girl’s name for the Inter-District Bharatnatyam Competition but she informed Uma about not attending the dance class anymore. Her father tried to convince her for continuing the dance ignoring every difficulty but failed.

Suddenly one day two guys came on a bike and broke their window by throwing stones and on that day she decides to continue her dance as well as participating in the competition. The rest of the story is about whether she could the competition or not ignoring the barriers.

Danish Husain was excellent throughout. His character as a father, supporting her daughter to live her own dreams makes this one really special. The father-daughter relationship was something extraordinary.

Aditi Subedi was also brilliant and her dance performance in the end was awesome. Naseeruddin Shah has done his job so well even with a special appearance.

Director Baba Azmi has made his directorial debut somehow effective by bringing good content but except few notable performances from Aditi Subedi, Danish Husain, Naseeruddin Shah others failed to impress.

Mee Raqsam Movie is streaming on ZEE5.

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