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Class Of 83 Movie Review

Class Of 83 Movie Review

Movie Name: Class Of 83

Director: Atul Sabharwal

Producers: Gauri Khan, Gaurav Verma

Music: Viju Shah

Casts: Bobby Deol, Anup Soni, Joy Sengupta, Hitesh Bhojraj, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Paranjape, Ninad Mahajani, Prithvik Pratap, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Adesh Bharadwaj

Class Of 83 Movie Review: We have seen many cops and gangsters thrillers before in Hindi movies, the latest one is “Class Of 83” movie which is streaming on Netflix. The story of this movie is based on the book, The Class Of 83: The Punishers of Mumbai Police by crime journalist S. Hussain Zaidi.

Class Of 83 movie tells us the story of mid-1980 in Mumbai. A bunch of students from Police Training Centre, Nashik were so much excited to get training from Dean Vijay Singh(played by Bobby Deol), who was sentenced to a punishment posting as the centre’s Dean. Initially they were trained by only the PT & weapons training instructor Mangesh Dixit(played by Vishwajeet Pradhan). Their first semester was almost over but they are yet to see Dean.

Shukla(played by Bhupendra Jadawat), Aslam(played by Sameer Paranjape) & Varde(played by Hitesh Bhojraj) planned to make an attack on Mangesh Dixit but unfortunately they were beaten by Dean and were forced to escape from the spot. The next day their long-term wish of getting taught by Dean was fulfilled but not on a good note as they were caught in no time by Dean.

Dean had decided to turn those five students including Shukla, Aslam, Varde, Jadav(played by Ninad Mahajani) & Surve(played by Prithvik Pratap) secretly into encounter specialists. Two gangs were ruling over then in Mumbai Kalsekar Gang and Naik Gang. These five genius had killed many gang members from both the gangs.

DGP Raghav Desai(played by Joy Sengupta) was doubting Vijay’s involvement in those murders as those five students were from Dean’s first batch. The corrupted CM Patkar(played by Anup Soni) had called Raghav to alert him about the pressure he is getting due to those killing of gang members.

In between 4 out of those 5 men got corrupted and join those two gangs but Aslam kept him out of this corruption. Vijay Singh trusted an hands over some tasks to Aslam for his sincerity and he was doing quite well but on the day of his marriage he was killed by Kalsekar gang. Rest of the story revolves around how those 4 men regains Vijay’s trust and whether they were able to take the revenge of their friend’s death.

Class Of 83 marks Bobby Deol’s debut on OTT platform. The movie certainly stands among one of the best performances in Bobby Deol’s career till date. He has given his best efforts to make his digital debut a sweeter experience.

Vishwajeet Pradhan as PT & weapons training instructor of the centre was really good. Anup Soni &  Joy Sengupta also were absolutely brilliant in their respective characters.

The five newcomers Hitesh Bhojraj, Bhupendra Jadawat, Sameer Paranjape, Ninad Mahajani, Prithvik Pratap were equally effective. They had played their roles so well with some natural acting which may leave you amazed. We rarely came across with a bunch of such new talents having some great potential and most importantly director Atul Sabharwal is very much successful in utilizing them properly to bring the best out of them.

A mixed of some stunning performances, good music and smartly executed action sequences has made “Class Of 83” a worthy watch.

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