Golam Mamun Web Series Review: Shihab Shaheen's Impressive Storytelling

Shihab Shaheen's directorial mystery thriller Golam Mamun, starring Ziaul Faruque Apurba in the titular role, premiered on Hoichoi on June 13, 2024. The series is a spin-off of Taneem Rahman Angshu's thriller "Buker Moddhye Agun."

The story revolves around Golam Mamun (Ziaul Faruque Apurba), who is the prime suspect in the murders of Shakib and Taniya. With an eyewitness in the case, the investigation team led by Robin (Imtiaz Barshon) takes Golam Mamun in for interrogation. Rahi (Sabila Nur) and Sabir are given the responsibility of escorting him to court. Upon arriving at the court, the accused Golam Mamun escapes. Why did Golam Mamun run away? Did he kill Shakib and Taniya?

Shihab Shaheen impresses again with his brilliant storytelling. The back-and-forth presentation of events provides a clear idea of what happened earlier and its connection to present events, keeping you engaged throughout.

The first three episodes and the final episodes are mostly engaging, though the narrative's pace slows a bit in the middle episodes. The build-up of the suspense is quite impressive, though a few questions remain unanswered, probably for the next season.

Ziaul Faruque Apurba delivers one of the finest performances of his career in this series. His body language, dialogue delivery, and expressions are outstanding, making each scene more captivating.

Sabila Nur as Rahi looks very impressive in the later episodes. The writing of her character is brilliant, and the twist in her character will surprise you. Shihab Shaheen gives sufficient focus to building the bond between Golam Mamun and Rahi.

Nazmus Sakib as Milon will catch your attention in this new season. His on-screen chemistry with Apurba is also impressive. Imtiaz Barshon as Robin provides a decent performance. The writing of Rashed Mamun Apu's character Coramine is quite poor, but he tries his best to deliver a convincing performance.

Khayam Sanu Sandhi's background score complements the engaging narrative. Kamrul Islam Shuvo's cinematography is also impressive, but the editing by Leon Rozario had room for improvement, especially in the middle episodes.

The Golam Mamun web series on Hoichoi is worth watching because of Shihab Shaheen's top-notch storytelling and Ziaul Faruque Apurba's brilliant performance.


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