Tiger (2024) Trailer: Shamol Mawla Starring Upcoming Action Drama Looks Promising

On 6th April 2024, Binge unveiled the official trailer for their upcoming action-drama Tiger. Directed by Sumon Anowar, the drama stars Shamol Mawla, Farhana Hamid, Rashed Mamun Apu, Sumon Anowar, Shomapti Mashuk, and Zakia Bari Mamo in the lead roles.

The 1-minute 45-second trailer begins with Zakia Bari Mamo dancing at a bar in the item song Pankha, where Shamol Mawla and his gang members are enjoying the evening. However, the police force has surrounded the hotel to catch them. 

Shamol Mawla portrays the titular role in this drama. The police team and Tiger’s opponents are looking for a chance to take revenge against him. Will they be able to catch Tiger?

Zakia Bari Mamo’s character appears to be the most interesting, as she is not aligned with any specific party and works for whoever pays her. The item song also seems decent, and Shamol Mawla’s screen presence is impressive. The dialogue is another major aspect of this trailer.

Sumon Anowar has written the story, screenplay, and dialogues for this drama. Hridoy Sarkar and Sahil Rony are responsible for the cinematography, Jobayar Abir Peal for the editing, and Shakirujjaman Pappu and Meer Masum for the sound mixing and background score.


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