Tiger (2024) Review: Shamol Mawla Delivers An Impressive Performance

Sumon Anowar's directorial action-drama Tiger, starring Shamol Mawla, Farhana Hamid, Rashed Mamun Apu, Sumon Anowar, Shomapti Mashuk, and Zakia Bari Mamo, premiered on Binge on 14th April 2024.

The story revolves around Tiger (Shamol Mawla), who is pursued by the police and Mafiya’s (Rashed Mamun Apu) gang members for stealing Mafiya’s gold. Mafiya and his gang have kidnapped Tiger’s wife and daughter. Will Tiger be able to save his family? Will Mafiya reclaim his gold?

Shamol Mawla delivers an impressive performance in the titular role. However, the emotional depth of his character falls short due to the weak writing. The film should have focused more on developing his relationship with his wife and daughter. While there were a few scenes attempting this, they failed to evoke genuine emotion.

Zakia Bari Mamo gives a convincing performance, but it feels like her talent is underutilized. She previously played a similar role in "Khufiya," but here her character lacks a backstory that could justify her current actions. Additionally, the chemistry between Zakia Bari Mamo and Shamol Mawla wasn't adequately developed.

Farhana Hamid, Rashed Mamun Apu, and Sumon Anowar deliver decent performances. The song "Pankha" stands out as the only positive from the music department, handled by Shakirujjaman Pappu and Meer Masum. However, the background score doesn't make much impact.

While the story is intriguing, the screenplay fails to maintain engagement throughout the series. There's room for improvement, especially in the screenplay writing, which is somewhat disappointing.

Overall, Sumon Anowar's Tiger is an average action drama with an interesting story, commendable performances from Shamol Mawla, and a convincing performance from Zakia Bari Mamo.


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