Parking (2023) Tamil Movie Review: Ramkumar Balakrishnan’s top-notch storytelling

Parking (2023) Movie Cast:

Harish Kalyan, M.S. Bhaskar, Indhuja Ravichandran, Rama Rajendra, Prathana Nathan

Writer-director: Ramkumar Balakrishnan

Release Date:

The revenge thriller was released in theatres on 1st December 2023 and premiered on Disney plus Hotstar on 30th December 2023

Parking (2023) Tamil Movie Review: A must-watch revenge thriller

The story revolves around Eshwar (Harish Kalyan) and his pregnant wife, Aathi (Indhuja Ravichandran), who become new tenants on the 1st floor, where an aged government officer, Ilumparuthi (M.S. Bhaskar), resides on the ground floor.

The trouble begins between Eshwar and Ilumparuthi when Eshwar purchases a car, leading to a conflict over parking space. What starts as a verbal clash takes a drastic turn, with both men seeking revenge against each other. The film unfolds the extent to which they go and how they eventually resolve their issues.

Parking excels in two key areas – the engaging writing by Ramkumar Balakrishnan and the outstanding performances by Harish Kalyan and M.S. Bhaskar. The film's clean execution is surprisingly accomplished for Balakrishnan's debut. The storyline, while seemingly simple, manages to create a thrilling experience by highlighting the issue of male ego.

The film maintains a gripping pace, ensuring there are rarely any dull moments. The narrative keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each character's next move.

Both lead actors, Harish Kalyan and M.S. Bhaskar, receive ample and equal screen time to showcase their acting prowess, delivering impeccable dialogue, expressions, and emotional scenes. The scenes where their characters suddenly become violent and decide to harm each other are particularly enjoyable, especially the climax is outstanding.

Indhuja Ravichandran as Aathi delivers a convincing performance throughout. Sam C.S.'s powerful background score complements the gripping narrative, while Jiju Sunny's cinematography and Philomin Raj's editing contribute to the film's overall impressive quality.

If you have a couple of hours to spare and are looking for engaging entertainment, I highly recommend watching Parking on Disney Plus Hotstar.


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