Jeetu Kamal Confirms Departure from Bengal Police Chapter 1: M16

Just 3 days after the makers confirmed the release date, on December 18, 2023, Tollywood actor Jeetu Kamal confirmed that he would not be a part of the upcoming action thriller Bengal Police Chapter 1: M16.

The film is directed by MN Rajh, who also had previously announced his departure from the project in August of this year but later rejoined the team. Initially, the film was set to feature Ankush Hazra in the lead role. However, due to internal differences between Ankush Hazra Motion Pictures and NexGen Ventures over the Mirza project, Ankush opted out of M16. Kinjal Nanda and Ridhish were also previously onboarded for the film.

Among the films announced by NexGen Ventures in December of the previous year are Parambrata Chattopadhyay's "Antidote," starring Ankush Hazra and Subhashree Ganguly, Director-Duo Sumeet Saahil's "Morichika," starring Bony Sengupta, and Saptaswa Basu's "Kinbodonti." However, there has been no update from the production house more than a year after the announcement of these projects.

The current intentions of producers Raktim Chatterjee and Piyali Chatterjee of NexGen Ventures remain unclear. This situation has raised concerns as it not only impacts the industry but also affects audiences and the talents associated with their films.

Jeetu Kamal Announcement on Departure from M16 Movie

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