Kerala Crime Files (2023) Review: Ashiq Aimar’s writing, Ahammed Khabeer’s direction are praiseworthy

Kerala Crime Files (2023) Cast:

Aju Varghese, Lal, Zhinz Shan, Navas Vallikkunnu, Sanju Sanichen, Sreejith Mahadevan, Aji Alok, Ansal Ben, Ashwathy Manohar, Devaki Rajendran

Release Date:

The series comprising 6 episodes was released on Disney+Hotstar on 23rd June 2023.

Writer: Ashiq Aimar

Director: Ahammed Khabeer

Kerala Crime Files (2023) Review: Story & Performances

The story of Kerala Crime Files revolves around the investigation of a sex worker's murder. Circle Inspector Kurian Avaran (played by Lal) and Sub-inspector Manoj Sreedharan (played by Aju Varghese) lead the investigation but struggle to find sufficient clues, except for a fake address—Shiju, Parayil Veedu, Neendakara—from the lodge where the victim was killed. Will their investigation successfully trace the murderer?

With Ashiq Aimar's tight writing and Ahammed Khabeer's brilliant direction, Kerala Crime Files becomes a captivating mystery thriller. Throughout the six episodes, there are rarely any moments of boredom. The twists and the gradual revelation of the mystery at the climax deserve appreciation.

The story also sheds light on the personal struggles of the investigating team, who find it challenging to balance their professional commitment with their family responsibilities. The case takes top priority in their lives, leaving little time for their loved ones.

Aju Varghese shines in his role as Manoj, delivering a brilliant performance. Having made his debut in 2010 with Malarvaadi Arts Club, Aju Varghese has appeared in over 100 Malayalam films and has received numerous prestigious awards in his career. His experience greatly aids him in portraying the maturity required for his character's various stages of investigation in Kerala Crime Files.

Lal convincingly portrays Circle Inspector Kurian Avaran, while Sreejith Mahadevan as Shiju, despite having limited screen time, delivers a decent performance. Zhinz Shan as SCPO Pradeep, Navas Vallikkunnu as CPO Sunil, Sanju Sanichen as CPO Vinu, Ashwathy Manohar as Athira, and Devaki Rajendran as Lathika provide strong support in their respective roles.

Final Words:

Kerala Crime Files is an engaging mystery thriller available on Disney+Hotstar that is definitely worth watching. The combination of Ashiq Aimar's tight writing, Ahammed Khabeer's brilliant direction, and Aju Varghese's excellent performance make it a must-see.

What is good about this series?

Ashiq Aimar’s tight writing, Ahammed Khabeer’s brilliant direction, & Aju Varghese’s excellent performance

What is bad about this series?

Nothing barring the slow pace at times


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