Amriter Sandhane-The Banaras Chapter Review: The beauty of Banaras and the background score were praiseworthy

Amriter Sandhane - The Banaras Chapter Review: Release Date, Story & Performances

Amriter Sandhane - The Banaras Chapter comprises a total of 8 episodes. The first 4 episodes were released on 14th April 2023 and 5th to 8th episode will be released on Addatimes on 21st April 2023.

20 years back someone murdered the manuscript expert Kapileshwar Chakraborty from Birbhum and stole a manuscript that includes a clue to immortality. 20 days back Sadhu Rishinandan was murdered at Banaras.

DG Parimal’s daughter Disha Chatterjee (Sauraseni Mitra) who is an archeology student and an undercover agent Ishan Sen (Debasish Mondal) went to Banaras to solve the murder mystery.

There they met Tarun Shasmal (Chandan Roy Sanyal) who is a Professor at Banaras Hindu University, & is connected to international smuggling. Will Disha & Ishan be able to solve the murder mystery? Will they be able to find out the stolen manuscript?

This is the first web series to be premiered on Addatimes after Surinder Films acquired the platform. The beauty of the “City of Lights” Banaras has been nicely captured in this series, especially in the scene when Piyali and Ishan were doing a conversation at the night on the rooftop. Another positive area of the series was the background score but sadly it was not complemented by an engaging narrative.

Director Abhinandan Dutta who earlier directed ‘Ananta (The Eternal)’ starring Ritwick Chakraborty & Sohini Sarkar had a lot of areas to look into but his failure has brought a series that lacks suspense and elements to keep you engaged to it.

Weak writing is another area that may disappoint you. There was no backstory on Disha and Anirban’s relationship, also no backstory was provided for Piyali’s (Shreya Bhattacharya) character. The romantic angle between Piyali and Ishan was forcefully added to the script of this mythological thriller web series.

Sauraseni Mitra and Debasish Mondal delivered decent performances. Sreya Bhattacharya looks okay as Piyali but Loknath Dey had nothing much to offer. An actor like Chandan Roy Sanyal who delivered a stunning performance in the Aashram web series was unutilized in the first 4 episodes and we have to wait till 21st April 2023 to watch the last 4 episodes on Addatimes.


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