Karagar Part 2 Trailer Review: Chanchal Chowdhury starrer mystery thriller will be streaming on 22nd December 2022

Karagar 2 Cast:

Chanchal Chowdhury, Intekhab Dinar, Tasnia Fareen, Partho Sheikh, FS Nayeem, Afzal Hossain

Director: Syed Ahmed Shawki

Release Date:

The trailer of part 2 was released on 6th December 2022 & the series will be streaming on 22nd December on Hoichoi.

Karagar Part 2 Trailer Review:

After the grand success of Karagar Part 1, many of us were eagerly waiting for part 2 of this series and Hoichoi has finally released the trailer for part 2.

If we talk about the highlights of part 1 then Chanchal Chowdhury’s performance tops the list, apart from him Intekhab Dinar and Tasnia Fareen also delivered notable performances, and Syed Ahmed Shawki’s storytelling was another area that made part 1 successful.

The 2 minutes 36 seconds trailer hinted towards a more engaging narrative. There is a lot to be revealed about the mysterious convict at cell no 145 portrayed by Chanchal Chowdhury and we have seen in the trailer there might be a backstory for this mysterious man. Chanchal Chowdhury will be appearing in a different look here apart from being the mysterious convict at cell no 145. His dialogue “I will tell the story, what’s more, powerful than a good story?” will make you more excited to know the story of Karagar part 2.

Why is the interpreter (Tasnia Fareen) curious about the mysterious convict? Why Prison Officer Mushtaq Ahmed (Intekhab Dinar) is getting more worried about his son? Why Mushtaq Ahmed is saying that the mysterious convict has come for his son only?

We will get all these answers on 22nd December on Hoichoi. Some notable works of Chanchal Chowdhury include Debi, Aynabaji, Monpura, Roopkothar Golpo, Television, Taqdeer, etc.


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