Taqdeer Web Series Review: Outstanding Performances

Taqdeer Web Series Review

Web Series Name: Taqdeer

Director: Syed Ahmed Shawki

Music: Ruslan Rehman

Taqdeer Web Series Cast:

Chanchal Chowdhury, Sanjida Preeti, Shohel Mondol, Monoj Kumar Pramanik

Barua Partha, Mir Rabbi

Taqdeer Web Series Trailer:

Taqdeer Web Series Release Date:

The web series was released on 18th December 2020 on Hoichoi.

Taqdeer Web Series Story & Performances:

Before heading towards the review of Taqdeer Web Series let me give you a list

of blockbusters recently released on the Hoichoi platform.


Byomkesh Season 6, Charitraheen Season 3, Rahasya Romancha Series Season 3,

TansenerTanpura Part II, Damayanti, Bonyo Premer Golpo Season 2, Eken Babu

Season 4, etc. these are a few web series Hoichoi has recently released. This will

make you realize how much this platform is focused on providing good content



Now let’s give a look at today’s article about the Taqdeer web series review. The

story of this series revolves around a Freezer van driver Taqdeer(Chanchal Chowdhury)

who earns his living through transporting dead bodies to their destination.


Everything was going well until he found an unidentified dead body inside his van.

This makes him scared and he immediately called his most trustworthy companion

Montu(Shohel Mondol), who was also unknown of it.


He was planning to throw the dead body somewhere to avoid any kind of trouble.

A call from an unknown person asking him about the dead body makes him more

worried about the situation.


Through a news channel, he came to know that it was the body of Journalist

Afsana(Sanjida Preeti). She and their channel’s photographer Rana(Monoj

Kumar Pramanik) both were missing for the last few days.


Chanchal Chowdhury delivered such a brilliant performance that has made Taqdeer

web series a must-watch for Bengali movies & series lovers.


After him, it was Shohel Mondol whose performance was really impressive.

Sanjida Preeti & Monoj Kumar Pramanik also provided valuable contributions.


Director Syed Ahmed Shawki was quite impressive. He kept the audiences engaged

throughout the 8 episodes of this series.


Ruslan Rehman’s music also was very much relevant to the script.


If you are searching for a crime thriller series then add Taqdeer to your watch list.

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