Daag Bangladeshi Movie Review: Sanjay Somadder wins hearts with brilliant storytelling

Director: Sanjay Somadder

Daag Movie Cast:

Mosharraf Karim, Saberi Alam, Aisha Khan, Anisul Haque Borun, Nishat Priom

Daag Release Date:

Daag was released on Chorki on 10th November 2022.

Story: Mohammad Abu Rajin

Screenplay: Kallol Kabir

Cinematographer: Raju Raj

Editor: Simit Ray Antor

Background Music: Jahid Nirob

Daag Bangladeshi Movie Review: Story

During their night patrol, OC Alamgir (Mosharraf Karim) and his junior Mokhles (Anisul Haque Borun) came to know through a call that an unidentified child has been found in a dustbin near Humayun Road. 

They took the child to the nearest hospital with the help of the people who informed them. During the form fill-up at the hospital, Alamgir named the child Swaccho. Alamgir is haunted by a tragic past where due to his irresponsibility he lost his son and his wife left him.

Alamgir and Mokhles started collecting information about the list of people suggested by the court to hand over the responsibilities of Swaccho. A woman named Era (Aisha Khan) arrived at Alamgir’s house to inform him that Swaccho is her child. Who will be handed over the responsibilities of Swaccho by the court forms the rest of the story?

Daag Bangladeshi Movie Review: Performances & Analysis

The concept of Daag is unique and relevant in today’s life. Director Sanjay Somadder deserves a lot of appreciation for such brilliant storytelling. Once again Mosharraf Karim delivered a fantastic performance. The character of OC Alamgir was certainly a challenging one but he made it look very easy.

His scenes with Mokhles, his wife, and Era are some of the well-executed scenes of this movie. Last year he stunned everyone with his performance in director Ashfaque Nipun’s Mohanagar season 1 on Hoichoi. 

Aisha Khan as Era & Anisul Haque Borun as Mokhles looked convincing. Background music by Jahid Nirob, cinematography by Raju Raj, & editing by Simit Ray Antor will also catch your attention.

Final Words:

A brilliant performance from Mosharraf Karim and Sanjay Somadder’s storytelling makes the mystery thriller Daag on Chorki a must-watch.


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