Ogo Bideshini Movie Trailer Review: Anshuman Pratyush and Ankush Hazra’s Maiden Collaboration

Bengali Movie: Ogo Bideshini

Director: Anshuman Pratyush

Star Cast:

Ankush Hazra, Alexandra Taylor, Rajnandini Paul, Manashi Sinha, Shaantilal Mukherjee

Trailer Release Date:

The trailer of Ogo Bideshini was released on 30th September 2022.

Ogo Bideshini Movie(2022) Trailer Review:

During the 2 minutes 51 seconds trailer of Ogo Bideshini which was released on 30th September, we see Ankush Hazra falls in love with a foreigner (Alexandra Taylor) but his mother (Manashi Sinha) was not ready to accept the fact that her son will marry a foreigner. Shaantilal Mukherjee is portraying the character of Ankush’s father in this movie.

Ogo Bideshini is directed by Anshuman Pratyush, and the music will be composed by Pratik Kundu & MD. Kalam will handle the editing part.

Over time the relationship between Alexandra Taylor and Manashi Sinha developed a lot still she didn’t change her thoughts about her daughter-in-law. She selects Rajnandini Paul to be her daughter-in-law. Will Ankush Hazra marry Rajnandini Paul forgetting Alexandra Taylor?

The trailer lacks elements that could excite you about Ogo Bideshini. A few weeks back Ankush Hazra shared the announcement teaser of his next action entertainer Mirza. But Ankush Hazra choosing a script like Ogo Bideshini in 2022 is quite surprising.

Director Anshuman Pratyush is yet to make a big impact in the industry. Even his last movie Baazi starring Jeet and Mimi Chakraborty performed average at the Box office.


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