Subharambha Web Series Review: Scores High On Music

Director: Abhijit Chowdhury

Subharambha (2021) Bengali Web Series Cast:

Jasmine Roy, Satyam Bhattacharya, Dibyasha Das

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Arkadeep Nath

Music: Kuntal De & Debanjan Dhar

Background Score: Kuntal De

Subharambha (2021) Bengali Web Series Release Date:

The Web Series comprising 6 episodes was released on 7th May 2021 on Hoichoi.

Subharambha (2021) Bengali Web Series Story & Performances:

The story revolves around Subhamita(Jasmine Roy), a struggling singer and composer badly looking for works in music. Her father’s good reputation in the music world earned her a chance to compose music for a reputed Jewelry brand.

Due to her father’s defamed relationship status, her family including her mother and brother suffers a lot. She is accompanied by her childhood friend Shruti(Dibyasha Das) who also helps her with music.

Her other childhood friend Mainak(Satyam Bhattacharya) nicknamed Mamdo loves Subhamita a lot but is afraid to express it to her.

The character development of Subhamita & Mainak needed to be better with the story's progress.

The web series “Subharambha” failed to create magic through the relationship between Subhamita & Mainak. There was a lack of emotion, passion, and romance in their love story that can keep you engaged.

The “Subharambha” web series was more of a musical drama than a romantic drama. We have previously seen “Tansener Tanpura 2” a web series based on a music thriller concept on Hoichoi.

Kuntal De & Debanjan Dhar scored high with awesome music composition and background scores.

Out of those three main characters, only Jasmine Roy looked solid with her character Subhamita, though with a more focus on the lead pairs she could have been much better.

Satyam Bhattacharya, and Dibyasha Das both were good only in a few scenes.

Highs and Lows of Subharambha:

Kuntal De & Debanjan Dhar’s music, background score, and Subhamita’s acting are good reasons to watch it.

The weak script might make you entirely bored.


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