Ekti Khola Janala (2024) Short Film Trailer: Tasnia Farin & Vicky Zahed Reunited After 4 Years

On 6th July 2024, the OTT platform Binge unveiled the official trailer of their upcoming mystery thriller Ekti Khola Janala directed by Vicky Zahed. The short film stars Tasnia Farin in the lead role & will premiere on Binge soon.

The 1 minute 40 seconds trailer provides a brief glimpse into a story that revolves around a serial killer who targets private nurses and kills them brutally. The dead body of a nurse named Shefali, who was working at Modern Hospital, is found at Keshabganj. Tasnia Farin who is also playing the role of a nurse, is seen being tortured by her husband. Will she be able to save herself from the serial killer?

Tasnia Farin’s screen presence and the background score by Aurnob Hasnat look impressive in the trailer. Bidrohi Dipon is responsible for the cinematography, and Saif Russel is responsible for the editing of this short film. Sallha Khanam Nadia and Fariha Shams Sheuti will portray crucial roles in this short film.

The short film marks the second collaboration between Tasnia Farin and Vicky Zahed after Trophy. The story of Ekti Khola Janala has been adapted from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Season 3 Episode 17 titled “An Unlocked Window” written by James Bridges. The short film also marks Vicky Zahed’s seventh project of 2024 after Rumi, Extra, Ararat, Chinno, Tikit, and Tithidor.

Ekti Khola Janala (2024) Short Film Cast:

Tasnia Farin, Sallha Khanam Nadia, Fariha Shams Sheuti 


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