Bijoya (2024) Web Series Review: Swastika Mukherjee’s Performance & Sayantan Ghosal’s Execution Are Praiseworthy

Sayantan Ghosal's directorial mystery thriller Bijoya, starring Swastika Mukherjee, Debdutta Raha, Bidipta Chakraborty, and Saheb Chattopadhyay, premiered on Hoichoi on 5th July 2024.

The story revolves around the suspicious fall of Nilanjan Basu, aka Neel (Debdutta Raha), from his KIST college hostel, which leads to a coma. Neel is the son of Bijoya Basu (Swastika Mukherjee), who single-handedly took care of her son after the untimely death of her husband, Niloy Basu.

Bijoya comes to Kolkata from her residence in Naihati to see Neel at the hospital. She meets a journalist named Purba (Debi Saha) and Anuradha Dutta (Bidipta Chakraborty), the psychiatrist at KIST college, who helps Bijoya by educating her about the ragging that happens inside the college and the internal corruption there.

The investigation officer (Sanjib Sarkar) has already declared that Neel attempted suicide, which Bijoya is not ready to accept. She wants an honest investigation, which the police are not ready for. Will Bijoya be able to find out the truth behind Neel’s current condition?

Swastika Mukherjee steals the show with a brilliant performance in the titular role in this 7-episode series "Bijoya." She especially makes a mark in the emotional scenes, and her conversation with Saheb Chattopadhyay is one of the major highlights of this series.

Swastika Mukherjee returns to the Bengali OTT space after more than 3 years since her last appearance in the "Mohomaya" web series, where we also saw her top-notch performance. I am happy that she did not choose random scripts; instead, she took the time and returned with the right script.

Sayantan Ghosal’s brilliant execution made Bijoya worth watching. He gave sufficient focus to developing the character of Swastika Mukherjee. The bonding between Neel and his mother was also very well established, which is why the emotional scenes worked pretty well. He should also be appreciated for utilizing two senior actors like Swastika Mukherjee and Saheb Chattopadhyay to their full potentials.

Sayantan Ghosal also deserves huge appreciation for choosing unique scripts and executing them with utmost care. Previously, we have seen some of his brilliant execution in Indu Season 1, "Gora Season 1," "Raktakarabi," and "Sampurna 2."

Saheb Chattopadhyay as the antagonist is the most surprising element of this series. His dialogue deliveries and expressions were mostly praiseworthy. A little more depth in his character writing with a few more scenes showing his power in controlling the system would have been more convincing.

Debdutta Raha as Neel delivers a praiseworthy performance. He particularly impresses in the scenes where he saves himself from ragging and where he saves Ahan from ragging. You will also enjoy the scenes between him and his mother.

Jeet Sundar, who impressed in "Raja Rani Romeo," delivers a convincing performance as Ahan. Bidipta Chakraborty as Anuradha looks brilliant. Raunak Dey Bhowmick as Riki and Debi Saha as Purba provide decent contributions.

Rohit Soumya’s dialogues and Shibasish Banerjee’s background score deserve special mentions for their brilliant work. Tuban’s cinematography effectively captures various parts of Kolkata, though the editing by Subhajit Singha had room for improvement.

Director Sayantan Ghosal’s Bijoya is a well-executed thriller with some solid performances from Swastika Mukherjee, Debdutta Raha, Bidipta Chakraborty, and Saheb Chattopadhyay. The series sends a strong message to the society to stop the ragging in every educational institute.


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