Kaalpurush (2024) Web Series Review: Salzar Rahman's Impressive Storytelling

Salzar Rahman's directorial mystery thriller Kaalpurush, starring Chanchal Chowdhury, FS Nayeem, and Tanzika Amin in the lead roles, premiered on Chorki on May 23, 2024. The seven-episode series also stars Jayanto Chattopadhyay, Imtiaz Barshon, and Rezwan Parvez in supporting roles.

The mysterious death of a girl named Faria brings SI Miraz (Nayeem) and his junior Shafique together to investigate the case and find the killer. During their investigation, they find Shehzad Chowdhury (Chanchal Chowdhury) in the morgue where Faria's body was kept. 

Did Shehzad kill Faria? Will Miraz be able to unravel the mystery of Faria's death?

We don't often see content related to time travel in Bengali, and director Salzar Rahman deserves appreciation for bringing such content to us through Kaalpurush. His storytelling is quite impressive, keeping you completely engaged through the first three episodes.

The pace of the narrative slows a bit from the fourth episode, but from the sixth episode, you will be totally engaged again. Rahman also deserves credit for bringing out the best in Chanchal Chowdhury, FS Nayeem, and Tanzika Amin.

The on-screen chemistry between FS Nayeem and his wife Nova, portrayed by Tanzika Amin, is praiseworthy in Kaalpurush. Though limited, you will enjoy most of their scenes. Tanzika Amin shines with a brilliant performance even with limited screen presence. You will love the way she argues with her husband. The scene where Miraz asks Nova, "What if she comes to know that he is dating a girl?" is particularly enjoyable.

FS Nayeem as Miraz delivers a convincing performance. His chemistry with Chanchal Chowdhury is enjoyable. The conversation between Miraz and Shehzad, when the former tells the latter how much his wife loves his pot belly, is enjoyable.

Chanchal Chowdhury impresses again with a top-notch performance. He is currently in the news for his upcoming project Toofan, which has created a huge buzz among moviegoers since the teaser of this film was unveiled.

The humor was brilliantly incorporated into the script. Two particularly mentionable ones were about the traffic jam in Dhaka and how the police are always after bribes to release criminals. The mystery and investigation parts should have been given a bit more focus.

Imtiaz Barshon as Jahangir delivered a noteworthy performance. Jayanto Chattopadhyay, Rezwan Parvez, and Surongo fame Mostafa Monwar also looked okay in their limited screen presence. Avishek Bhattacharjee's background score and Barkat Hossain Polash's cinematography were praiseworthy in Kaalpurush.

Kaalpurush (2024) Web Series Cast:

FS Nayeem, Chanchal Chowdhury, Tanzika Amin, Mostafa Monwar, Jayanto Chattopadhyay, Rezwan Parvez, Imtiaz Barshon


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