Boka Bakshote Bondi Series Trailer: Solanki Roy & Debaloy Bhattacharya’s Maiden Collaboration

On 12th June 2024, Hoichoi unveiled the official trailer of their upcoming web series Boka Bakshote Bondi Series. Directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya, the web series stars Solanki Roy, Neel Bhattacharya, and Shoumo Banerjee in the lead roles, with Riya Ganguly and Alivia Sarkar in supporting roles.

The 2-minute 15-second trailer provides a brief glimpse of the plot, which revolves around Opola/Sondhyamoni, portrayed by Solanki Roy, who is an actress struggling to differentiate her personal and professional life. She is unable to understand whether she is having conversations with people on set or in real life and struggles to identify her true self—whether she is Opola or Sondhyamoni. 

Are Opola and Sondhyamoni two different people or the same? Are her family members conspiring against her? We will get the answers when the series premieres on Hoichoi on 21st June 2024.

The series is a mix of family drama and thriller. There is certainly a mystery surrounding Solanki Roy’s character, which will be unveiled in the series. Solanki Roy looks convincing. Neel Bhattacharya and Shoumo Banerjee also look good in this trailer.

The story of Boka Bakshote Bondi has been written by Debaloy Bhattacharya; Trisha Nandi has written the screenplay and dialogues. Amit Chatterjee has composed the music and the background score. Ankkit Sengupta is responsible for the cinematography, and Sanglap Bhowmik is responsible for the editing. Earlier, the makers unveiled the official poster of this series on 9th June 2024.

Debaloy Bhattacharya is known for his experimental projects, and we have to wait one more week to experience his first collaboration with Solanki Roy. He will also direct Subhashree Ganguly in Aleyar Bari.


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