Athhoi (2024) Movie Trailer: Anirban Bhattacharya, Background Score & Dialogues Are Impressive

On June 6, 2024, SVF Entertainment unveiled the official trailer of their upcoming film Athhoi, directed by Arna Mukhopadhyay. The film will arrive in theatres on June 14, 2024, just one week after the release of Boomerang and Ajogya.

The film is an official adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello, with Arna Mukhopadhyay portraying the titular role. Anirban Bhattacharya plays the role of Gogo and also serves as the creative director of this film.

Sohini Sarkar pairs up with Arna Mukhopadhyay for the first time, appearing as Diyamona. The 2-and-a-half-minute trailer has been brilliantly edited, and Anirban Bhattacharya looks very impressive in it once again.

The way he delivers Athhoi's dialogues "Amar Vinsura" and "Paap" is eye-catching. He has already impressed us with his dark character in Mandaar, and hopefully, he will deliver something even better this time.

The romantic scenes between Sohini Sarkar and Arna Mukhopadhyay also look good. Arpan Ghosal, who recently delivered a good performance in Basanta Ese Gyachhe, will be seen portraying the character of Mukul, who seems to develop feelings for Diya. How life changes for Athhoi and Diya, and what role Gogo plays in changing Athhoi's mindset, will be unveiled in this film.

Apart from Anirban Bhattacharya’s performance, the background score also stands out. Arna Mukhopadhyay and Sohini Sarkar looked decent in the trailer, but their chemistry will be interesting to watch. There is an item song in the film featuring Puja Banerjee. Ditipriya Roy, who recently appeared in Abar Rajneeti, also appeared in two scenes in this trailer.


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